Worth It Wednesday: Selling on eBay

It’s been a LONG time since we’ve done a Worth It Wednesday, but we’re back at it today!

Previously, I’ve talked about how I’m a seller on eBay to make extra money. Now that I’ve gotten my feet wet in the eBay world it seems like a good time to share the not so great things about being a seller.

1. Dealing with the buyers is often times a headache. They want to negotiate shipping, they never pay and you have to file a claim, or they claim there’s something wrong with the item and want a refund.
2. Your feedback score is so stressful. Feedback is so important and some buyers are morons and will leave either no feedback or negative feedback just because. Unfortunately as a seller, we can only leave no feedback or positive. Nothing in between.
3. Seller fees. If you sell a shirt for $10 you might only pocket $6 or $7 due to Paypal and eBay fees…you get hit from both!
4. PayPal and eBay can remove funds. If a buyer files a claim and wins, PayPal and eBay will automatically take the money from your account. It sucks.
5. Shipping costs. It’s happened a number of times where I didn’t set the cost of shipping high enough to cover the actual cost so I end up eating that. In addition you have to consider the cost of a printer, toner, paper, tape, and shipping supplies when factoring in your profit.

Overall, I still love selling on eBay. Is it worth it? I guess it depends on how much time you have and whether extra money is important to you. It isn’t to everyone. Depending on the quality of items you have, you can definitely make a lot of money selling.  I guess I have lots of good stuff because I do alright :). Maybe not enough to quit your day job, but enough to save for something fun!

Do you think selling on eBay is for you?

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