Giveaway!!! EZ Roll Holder

Have you been in a situation where you are driving with the kids in the back seat eating some snacks or you are enjoying your latte’ and all of a sudden it spills? Now you find yourself frantically trying to find something to clean up the mess, right? The tissue is never where you left it, there are never any napkins, and baby wipes are in the bottom of the baby bag.

EZ-Roll paper towel holder is a simple yet elegant product that gives you access to a paper towel virtually anywhere and everywhere so there are no more messy situations you can’t deal with. EZ-Roll is a paper towel holder specially designed to use in cars, vans, SUVs, strollers, cribs, changing tables, camping sites, and basically anywhere else you can think of that you might need a paper towel. It’s easily installed and requires no tools. When you are done you can conveniently move it to the next place. If you want to buy this cool new product or if you wish to learn more about EZ-Roll holder please click on Also available an ebay and amazon.

Today EZ-Roll is available for a lucky winner! Just enter below for your chance to take one home!

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2 Responses to Giveaway!!! EZ Roll Holder

  1. richelle s September 3, 2013 at 10:53 pm #

    too many

    • Austin Moms Blog
      Austin Moms Blog September 8, 2013 at 1:54 pm #

      Congratulations, Richelle! You are our giveaway winner!

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