Best places to see Santa Claus in Austin!

SantaTruth be told — we only ever go to two places to see Santa Claus … so, naturally, I think they are the best!  But it’s a tradition I love … not so much the screaming kids on Santa’s lap (although I do always laugh when people post them) … but I love pictures of little ones pulling Santa’s beard and sharing their lists with him.

1.  Santa Breakfast at the Christmas Affair.  Unfortunately, this one was a one-shot-event, oh, you know, in mid-November.  So, it’s kind of annoying that I’m writing about it now, right?  But — if you are a planner like me, you’ll remember to make your reservation for next year!  The backdrop is gorgeous, the Santa has a real beard and looks the part perfectly.   The downside — you HAVE to buy a portrait package to even sit on his lap.  You can’t wait in line and try and sneak a photo of your own because they already have your $30 for two 5X7’s.   And really, all I wanted was an iPhone snapshot for my Instagram feed … but, the kids had their lists written on construction paper and who could say no to that.  And it truly is a lovely image, don’t you agree?

2.  Santa Breakfast at your local Country Club.  Man, I’m sounding snob-a-licious today.  But — these are often the best Santa’s to see.  We go to the Great Hills Country Club (seatings are this Sunday) and the best part is that Santa sits there the entire breakfast.  So, there isn’t a line, you nervous kids can wave at him from a distance to warm up, and they can sit as long as they want.   The downside to these Santa breakfasts is that often times you have to be a member … we hang with the grandparents.  Spoiled rotten, I know.   Twin Creeks has one and Barton Creek … so check your nearby club and check!

3.  Barton Creek Mall Santa.  I’ve seen pics of this Santa — looks real to me … so if you aren’t a germ-a-phobe, don’t mind lines — this is the best mall Santa to see!  Lakeline Mall also has a Santa if you don’t want to travel south AKA — another country.  But he’s not as ‘Santa-esk’ as the Barton Santa.

Snap a picture with your phone, post it to instagram #SantainATX and then share it!

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