5 Tips for Healthy Sleep by the Sleep Expert, Katie Bartley

Katie Bartley is one of Austin’s TOP sleep experts and the winner of an Austin Birth Award! Read about Katie and learn her top 5 tips for healthy sleep.


It was very early in the morning on Christmas Day 2009 when I realized that our third child was ready to make his entrance into the world. We had prepped the big Christmas reveal for our two little girls who were 4 and 2 at the time and we did not expect his arrival for two more weeks so it was definitely a surprise. But as many of you know when it’s time, IT IS TIME. And when it’s your third, the time comes much quicker. So we rushed through Christmas, took the obligatory videos and photos and waited on a sitter. Did I mention it was Christmas morning? Let’s just say we made it to the hospital in the knick of time and welcomed our 9.5lb baby boy, aka “baby last” via my first natural birth on Christmas.



With your third child everything feels a little easier or at least you just feel more relaxed about the whole thing. I can remember sitting at a park breastfeeding my newborn and feeding my girls lunch when #3 was two days old. I literally did not leave the house for a few weeks with my first born. But one thing was a little different about number three. He was our most difficult sleeper. He just fought it the most and it made me much more aware of his habits, what seemed to soothe him, what day to day routine seemed to result in his best sleep and so on.

Katie-Bartley-SisterThroughout this process, I was crazy blessed to have my twin sister. Let me stop there for a minute. Being a twin is one of the coolest things in the world and being a twin with your twin 1.5 miles away from you and with the same age children as you is about as cool as it gets. Up until recently my twin and I even shared a cell phone plan. We talk A LOT. And when it came to our babies and sleep we talked non stop. She couldn’t always give me the exact answer I wanted but she could listen, encourage me and offer me an amazing sense of support. I felt heard. I felt like I could get through the next night. I still thumbed through all my books about babies and sleep and my notes from my previous children but sometimes there is nothing better than a real world person to talk to and support you. And in many ways, that is where my sleep consultant business was born. Our third born eventually started sleeping just like his sisters and when he was about four months old I was in the shower (because don’t all awesome ideas happen in the weirdest of places? For me, it’s the shower) and started thinking about how many friends I had been helping with their little ones sleep and how much my twin had helped me. I logged onto Facebook that day and wrote a simple post, “If you could have a sleep consultant to talk to and help you through the sleep training process for your child would you hire them?” Twelve people called me that day. And the rest they say is history.

I opened my sleep consultant business, Katie Bartley, Sleep in 2010. I have had the privilege to work with hundreds of awesome families in and outside of Austin and I love helping each one get their sleep back! I am the Resident Sleep Expert for Bump Club Austin and in addition to partnering with Austin Moms Blog, I am a featured sleep consultant with Cheer Up Buttercups as well. I have also won the Austin Birth Award for Best Sleep Expert. I wanted to share just a few of my basic tips for you and your little ones sleep. And remember this is for those ready to embark on sleep training. There is no judgment to those who choose a different way.

Katie’s Tips for Healthy Sleep:

1. Start simple and have realistic expectations. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

2. Be consistent. Try to feed and do naps and bedtimes at the same time every day.

3. Try to give your little one full feedings. If you ate all day every day, you would want it and wake for it too.

4. The 5 S’s are legit!! Best ways to soothe: Swaddle, Side or stomach position, Shhhh, Swing, Suck.

5. Keep your little one accountable. Once they show you they can sleep 6 hours, you know they are capable of sleeping 6 hours. Start holding them to it. And keep pushing towards ultimate goal!


For more help, please contact me! You can also purchase gift certificates for your friends or family. Sleep is a great baby shower gift! You can reach me through my website: http://katiebartley.com or through Twitter: KBartleySleep. Instagram: katiebartleysleepconsultant, Yelp: Katie Bartley:Sleep Consultant, Linkedin: Katie Bartley

Katie is also a supporter of the Austin Mom’s Blog Membership and offers 10% off to AMB cardholders!

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