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If I can order my groceries to be delivered in an hour and have an on-call doctor visit my home whenever needed, then why not a car mechanic? Whenever a light pops on or I’m due for an oil change, I absolutely dread using my precious limited kid-free preschool hours on this, or the alternative of taking them to wait at the shop with me. Well gone are the days of having to figure out which option is worse! Thanks to YourMechanic, we had our minivan oil changed right in our driveway last evening while we were making dinner and catching up with the kids after a busy day. No need to wait in line, sit in a yucky mechanic shop waiting room, coordinate a substitute car or ride home, drive in rush-hour traffic, or do absolutely anything except be at home for our scheduled mechanic appointment time.  What a difference!

I love that I could schedule (and even easily reschedule!) my appointment with YourMechanic at my convenience from my phone or computer.  There was a lot of flexible availability displayed online and the website was completely user-friendly.  Our mechanic had a little “bio” statement written about him with a picture, which gave me an idea of who to expect at my door, and then I got an email to confirm the time. 5:30pm on a weekday? You bet I’ll be home anyway doing the witching-hour-crazy-dinner-and-bedtime-prep and I might as well have my car being fixed in the driveway while I’m at it. (They did have a ton of daytime availability too, but the 5:30pm slot worked best for us on this particular day).

Charles, our mechanic, was a man of few words, but I didn’t mind that because I already knew exactly what was being done and exactly how much I was paying for each service. He needed nothing from me, but just introduced himself and then got straight to work – just getting my signature when it was all complete. I found it really helpful that the payment process was all done online ahead of time, with all parts/labor costs listed out so that I could see what I was paying and why, in advance. Paying for car parts and services in the moment (usually with loud kiddos around!) is always overwhelming for me so getting a heads-up chance to review the payment was ideal.

For only about $15-20 more than a regular oil change and tire rotation, I’ll gladly use YourMechanic from now on and I’ll consider it a total win for the sake of convenience! Honestly, otherwise, I’d probably use the $15-$20 on dinner takeout or some other treat I was going to need to use to entertain my kids while we waited for our car to be ready.

Also, for what it’s worth, I loved that the YourMechanic services are backed by a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty for my peace of mind that this isn’t just some too-good-to-be-true deal. They service vehicles all over Austin, 7 days a week. (They will also come to an office – saving time for all working Moms or Dads of course too!)

Check out their website if your car needs maintenance or servicing here. FYI – they are currently running a great Back to School Special, offering an oil change, tire rotation and 50 point inspection for $69.99 until September 30!

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