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Kaplan_When it Gets Too Quiet

When It Gets Too Quiet

When you were born, I worried when it got too quiet. Though you slept beside me in your bassinet, sometimes in my bed, I looked over at you again and again making sure I could see your chest rise and fall. When it got too quiet, I laid awake, listening for your breath. Were you […]

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Organizing the Attack of the Never Ending Toys

Toy Storage: Organizing the Attack of the Never Ending Toys

I’ll start this post by saying we are so fortunate to have people who love our kiddo so much they want to buy her all the toys. Seriously, we know how lucky we are. We know that not all kids have this privilege and it is a privilege. When the toys started rolling in after she was […]

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On Being a Girl Mom

My daughter is strong and brave. She will try anything once — dirt, rocks, water from a hose, dog food.  She climbs past the big kids to slide down the slide herself at the park. Slipping, splashing around in a puddle in our driveway, and she laughs. She points at a big dog at the […]

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