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My Kids' Diet Sucks (And It HAS To Change)

My Kids’ Diet Sucks (And It HAS To Change)

The opposite of Paleo. That’s what my kids eat. Bread and cheese. Then they follow it up with a sugar-filled processed granola bar (but it’s organic) plus some fruit and a single piece of broccoli. And boy have we battled over the single piece of broccoli! #winning. Now, I’m not a Paleo die-hard. By any […]

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Nutrition and Pregnancy: What I Wish I Had Known Before Having Kids

Pretend we are best friends getting coffee together. If I knew you might become pregnant or were struggling postpartum, I’d strongly urge you to supplement your diet with high quality supplements — before, during, and WAY after your pregnancy. Think probiotics, DHA, magnesium, and a food-based prenatal with methylfolate. I highly underestimated their value both […]

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Are You a “Yes” Person or a “No” Person?

It’s seems too me like there’s tons of moms out there who struggle when they have to tell other people “No.”  They’re simultaneously the room mom, the PTA president, the swim team board member, the HOA secretary, and they have four kids. In their defense, for the most part, they generally like this type of […]

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Seven Reasons I LOVE Being a Stay at Home Mom

Hello, stay at home moms! Do you suffer from “The Grass Is Always Greener” mentality?  You know, you always find what’s wrong with everything and imagine that if circumstances were different, then life would, clearly, be better? If we lived down the street from so-and-so, our kids would frolic in the front yard and play […]

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