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let my kids fall

I Let My Kids Fall

Now, here me out. I’m not going to let them fall off a cliff or anything, but I do let my kids fall. A LOT. I know, by my own experiences, that the best lessons are after a fall (the literal and figurative kind). I’m a mom of all boys. Three rambunctious boys. (Is there […]

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raising gentlemen

Raising Gentlemen

As a mom of all boys, I feel the weight of the challenge of raising gentlemen. It is my job is to shape these little boys into future husbands and fathers. Teaching manners is probably the most repetitive task we have as parents. Kids aren’t born knowing how to politely interact with others. It is […]

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kindergarten teacher

Dear Kindergarten Teacher…

Dear Kindergarten Teacher, You’ve been on my mind for awhile now, even though we have not met yet. This big day has been looming over my head since I they first placed my baby boy in my arms. Everyone told me that “it goes so fast.” Yeah, yeah, I get it. “Cherish the moments. They […]

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