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(A Humorous View of) What To Expect When You're Pregnant

(A Humorous View of) What To Expect When You’re Pregnant

A description, A-Z, of what to expect when you are pregnant. First time Pregos…I hope you find this humorous, as well as informative. Veteran moms…you know it’s all true A is for… Aww HELL no…hemorrhoids? Heartburn? Varicose veins? STRETCH MARKS??? No matter which one strikes you, they’re bound leave you saying “aw hell.”   B […]

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Team C Section

Team C-Section

I know a vaginal birth is best, ok? I KNOW!!   It’s safer.  It’s the way God designed it. It’s less risk to the baby and the mother. The recovery time is shorter. I KNOW!! But look, as it turns out, some of our hoo-has just don’t want to DO that, and you’ll never believe […]

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Doulas are a Bunch of Crazy Hippies (and Other Common Myths Debunked)

I was first introduced to the concept of a doula when researching the overwhelming amount of information on the interwebs surrounding pregnancy and the undoable realization that a human being was in fact going to exit my body. While I never had a preconceived notion about what they were or weren’t, I just stumbled upon a […]

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My 1st Trimester...While Parenting a Toddler  I  Austin Moms Blog

My 1st Trimester…While Parenting a Toddler

When I put on my white maternity shorts in the morning, I didn’t consider that an hour later my two-year-old would have breakfast-taco-bean-hands that would smear my white shorts with black smudges. I bought these shorts when I was pregnant with her and they were comfy and crisp, perfect for the warm Texas months. But […]

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My Journey With Unexplained Infertility

Naively, I always thought that once my husband and I decided we were ready to start a family, nine months later, a family we would have. Yes, I realized that SOME people out there struggled with infertility, but it literally never even crossed my mind that I would be one of those people.  Which is […]

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