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5 Books That Spark Imagination in Children

In an age of screen time coming at ya from every angle, it is a sweet respite to curl up with a good book.  I feel like my daughter has a HUGE appreciation for books right now and I hope to foster that feeling for the rest of her life. Here are five books sure […]

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When Your Child Loves Your Spouse More Than You!

My daughter loves me — of this I have no doubt. Rescuing her from her forced sleep, she wakes up utterly thrilled to see me each morning. I then sit with my little love on my favorite rocker as I slowly treasure each sip of my hot morning hazelnut coffee, and like a frat boy to […]

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Learning from Dad

  We did it. We’ve been parents for a year. I’m exhausted, but you seem to have boundless energy. I remember the early days, watching you look at her like you’d never seen anything so magnificent. You weren’t sure if you’d connect right away — you didn’t feel her every movement or share every meal […]

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Managing Dad Duties  I  Austin Moms BLog

Managing Dad Duties

So… Yes, I’m a dad. I have three rambunctious and active boys who all have very different and unique personalities. My oldest is nine-years-old and loves both his baseball and wrestling teams. My middle is six-years-old and seems to be much more interested in karate opposed to organized sports. Then there’s my youngest who is […]

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Learned from You Dad  I  Austin Moms Blog

What I’ve Learned from You Dad

Dear Dad, I may have rolled my eyes at your advice and dad jokes over the years, but now that I’m a parent myself it all makes sense. I even find myself repeating some of your pearls of wisdom as my own. Here are a some of my favorites: “Life is about experiences, not things” – […]

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Father's Day

Love Letters for Father’s Day

Dearest Chad, I will never forget our first date. Completely smitten, I gushed at you. Feeling my small world and heart open with possibility, I timidly approached the question, “Do you see yourself having children?” I will never forget your answer, “I hadn’t. You?” (Damn girl! Be cool! Be cool!)  “Ummm I am not sure. […]

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