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You’re Not the Best Dad in the World…But You Could Be a Pretty Good One

Many of us approach life’s challenges with a ‘fight or flight’ mentality. We tend to ‘buckle down’, and fight for what we want to accomplish, or we throw up our hands and walk away. It’s either perfection, or nothing. One of the greatest of life’s challenges is, without a doubt, parenthood. And fatherhood in particular poses its […]

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Father’s Day :: Learning to Swim in the Deep End

She’s pregnant. Oh crap, am I ready? 9 months later… Wow… I’m a Dad. So small! Cooing and jibberish. Tiny grasping fingers. Your own baby, the fruit of your loins, the creation of life. Unconditional, biological love. Happiest moment of your life. Then the poop. Diapers. Vomit. Crying. Waking up in the middle of the […]

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Wife Wants Breast Implants? What Men Should (and Shouldn’t) Say

Sponsored By: Synergy Plastic Surgery It may come as a shock to some, but guys don’t always start doing backflips when their wives or significant others announce they are thinking about getting breast implants. Many men react positively, but it’s also common for a husband or boyfriend to struggle to communicate their feelings. And that’s when things go […]

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