Infertility & Miscarriage

IVF the second time

IVF, the Second Time Around

After successfully getting pregnant via in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and giving birth to my first child, many well-meaning friends and family members would attempt to reassure me with platitudes like, “Now your body knows exactly what to do. It’ll be easier to get pregnant in the future,” or “Watch out — you’ll get preggo in a snap with […]

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Getting Pregnant: A Challenge I Had Not Considered

Sponsored By :: Austin Regional ClinicBy :: Asia Shah Getting Pregnant: A Challenge I Had Not Considered Lying on my back in the exam room at Austin Regional Clinic, I scanned the hundreds of photographs that lined the walls. Elated parents of squishy new babies smiled back at me. These babies owe their existence to […]

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Love and Loss on Mother’s Day

Have you ever desired something with such intensity that you felt a constant loss each moment that dream was not realized? For years I wanted to be a mother. These are not feelings I admitted out loud. I was a firm believer in only creating goals I had control over. As I walked into my 31st and […]

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My Journey With Unexplained Infertility

Naively, I always thought that once my husband and I decided we were ready to start a family, nine months later, a family we would have. Yes, I realized that SOME people out there struggled with infertility, but it literally never even crossed my mind that I would be one of those people.  Which is […]

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Supplementing Infertility Treatment with Alternative Medicine

Like all scientific means to find remedy –from prescription medicines to surgical procedures– there is not much else you can do from a medical perspective but wait and see if your effort was a success. During infertility treatment, the emotional weight of your potential future child’s life hanging in the balance can foster feelings of helplessness […]

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Dear Infertility…You Suck

Dear Friend, Everyone makes it look so easy. The adorable pregnancy announcements, the giddy gender reveals, and the sweet smiling faces in the hospital just after giving birth. However real and frustrating it may seem to you, you never know if it all might be just a facade of the pain it took to get […]

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