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I Don’t Have Time to Parent!

Finding TIME to Parent… Awhile ago, my kids and I got invited to a cookie-decorating party. The party was hosted by my friend, whose home looks like something out of a magazine. I’m not a home-decorating kind of girl, so I don’t even know WHICH magazine. But definitely a magazine. A magazine where people live in gorgeous farmhouses […]

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Mother's Day Out

Why Mothers Day Out is Worth it

If you had asked me three months ago if Mother’s Day Out (MDO) is worth it, I would have strongly hesitated before answering.  We have our battles.  For one, my daughter is now a human petri dish, bringing home essentially every illness known to mankind, to her, myself and of course, her newborn brother. Secondly, […]

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20 Things to do in Austin to avoid the Post Holiday Blues

20 Things to Do in Austin to Avoid the Post Holiday Blues

I am there every year. The holidays are over and now what? Resolutions? Bah Humbug! The beauty is that we live in Austin, Texas and this city never stops! Here are 20 awesome things to do this winter post-holidays some family friendly and some adults only. Enjoy! Free Week Also known as the perfect week […]

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Understanding and Respecting Classroom Food Allergies

As a first-time mom to an 18-month-old who seems to be food allergy-free, the notion of dealing with childhood food allergies was pretty foreign to me. Our first encounter came this summer, at half-day church camp, when I received notice that her classroom was declared a nut-free zone. For the first time, I had to think […]

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Summer Survival Guide

Summer Survival Guide

Summer is fast approaching. There is something nostalgic about the warmer weather and long sunny days. The kids are signed up for a few camps and classes but what about the rest of the summer? I have to fill all that time that my kids are in school with SOMETHING! Oh how I never look forward to this part. […]

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Music Forever Music Together 10th Anniversary Giveaway

Music Forever Music Together is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a huge online GIVEAWAY! Five winners will get 50% off Music Forever Music Together’s upcoming spring session (a $137 value). Enter the giveaway on the Music Forever Music Together Facebook page between March 26th and April 1st.   Music Forever Music Together, an Austin organization […]

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Tinkergarten Comes to Austin

  Tinkergarten Comes to Austin For the past year or so, outdoorsy parents in the New York area have been enjoying classes with themes like “Hunt the Wind,” “Build a Secret Shelter” and “Un-recipe for Paint.” Mud pies, buckets, tarps, and sticks are key learning tools. Class takes place rain or shine. Wish something like it […]

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