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Austin Murals Guide: 15 of the Best Art Photo-Opps

Austin Murals Guide One of the many charms of our thriving city is its plethora of street art. New murals sprout up almost every day, and discovering new artwork emblazoned across buildings and walls is always a delight. Listed below are some of Austin’s most iconic, or just plain cool, murals currently beautifying the city. […]

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10 Best Playgrounds in Austin & Surrounding Areas

Austin has a LOT of playgrounds, from your standard one-slide-and-two-swings variety to really incredible climbing, slides that tempt adults and shady seating to boot. Here are ten totally awesome playgrounds, Westlake to Georgetown, that are totally worth exploring with your small person. Bridgepoint Elementary Playground Why it is awesome: Thank you Eanes ISD for this […]

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I’m that mom who ignores her kid at the park.

Yes, that’s me. I don’t pay much attention to my kid when we’re hanging out at the park or kiddie pool or some such place. And some of you probably wonder why as you coach your children up ladders and clap as they champion their way across the monkey bars. Maybe you wonder why I […]

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Preschool Bullying: Talking About It, Dealing With It, Avoiding It

First of all, just to be clear here, we are talking about PRESCHOOL bullying in this article. I understand that bullying is a BIG problem, and that children can suffer serious and irrevocable physical, mental, and emotional damage as a result of bullying. I am NOT talking about that type of bullying in this article. I […]

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5 Reasons to LEGO and Enjoy Play-Well TEKnologies

Sponsored By: Play-Well TEKnologies 5 Reasons to LEGO and Enjoy Play-Well TEKnologies When I heard about the LEGO Pre-Engineering event (ages 5-7 years old) hosted by Play-Well TEKnologies, I knew it would be the perfect play date opportunity for my son and his step-brother. When we walked into the Play-Well event, their welcoming staff invited […]

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Rid Yourself of the “Summer Stir-Crazies”

  “Schooool’s out. for. the summer. Schooooool’s out. For….ever??” Yikes. Your kids are out of school for summer! Hurray!! Right? Well, mostly. And maybe less so as summer continues.  But for now, we’ll stick with “mostly”. Even as you are celebrating…enjoying the extra quality time spent with your “babies” (who really aren’t babies anymore), cherishing […]

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Why I Hired My Own Personal Paparazzi

Sponsored By: I’m actually not a sentimental, take-lots-of-photos type of gal. Nor am I in the habit of spending big bucks to have someone take pretty pictures of me (filtered selfies will suffice, thanks.) But motherhood has me realize something essential about the art of holding onto memories: it’s not possible to be completely […]

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