Team C Section

Team C-Section

I know a vaginal birth is best, ok? I KNOW!!   It’s safer.  It’s the way God designed it. It’s less risk to the baby and the mother. The recovery time is shorter. I KNOW!! But look, as it turns out, some of our hoo-has just don’t want to DO that, and you’ll never believe […]

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My 1st Trimester...While Parenting a Toddler  I  Austin Moms Blog

My 1st Trimester…While Parenting a Toddler

When I put on my white maternity shorts in the morning, I didn’t consider that an hour later my two-year-old would have breakfast-taco-bean-hands that would smear my white shorts with black smudges. I bought these shorts when I was pregnant with her and they were comfy and crisp, perfect for the warm Texas months. But […]

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You’re Not the Best Dad in the World…But You Could Be a Pretty Good One

Many of us approach life’s challenges with a ‘fight or flight’ mentality. We tend to ‘buckle down’, and fight for what we want to accomplish, or we throw up our hands and walk away. It’s either perfection, or nothing. One of the greatest of life’s challenges is, without a doubt, parenthood. And fatherhood in particular poses its […]

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