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The Quest to Be a Minimalist Mama

How, how does something so tiny need so much?! Nearly four months into motherhood and I’m still coming to grips with the four new pieces of “furniture” that adorn my living room and will for the foreseeable future – an ExerSaucer, a sit-me-up frog seat, a swing and a pack-n-play. Sure, she’ll grow out of […]

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Don’t Touch The Bump

If you’ve ever had someone touch your baby bump without asking, raise your hand. Bet you raised it, or at least nodded and thought “heck yes!” Baby bumps are one of the most personal things you have during pregnancy, and for some reason, people seem to think that they can just rub and touch all […]

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My Baby’s Pediatrician is My Best Friend

My Baby’s Pediatrician is My Best Friend Written by ARC Mom, June Dung My Lien When my one-year-old is sick, my baby’s pediatrician is quite literally my best friend. Being a mom and caring for a tiny human is hard work, especially with a sick baby. When sleep deprived, concerned and worried, the support of […]

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