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wife on mother's day

A Letter to my Wife on Mother’s Day

Dear Roni (aka Hot Stuff), The month of May means something more than it did 10 years ago. We used to walk up and down brick laden streets in our warming Ohio college town. We worried about internships, finals, and parties. Do you remember that terrible futon in your bedroom/sunroom where the sun blazed through all […]

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Becky Rodriguez

Meet Becky Rodriguez

Meet Becky Rodriguez Hi All! My name Becky, and I am one of the newest contributors to Austin Moms Blog, and before we start… no I haven’t seen her butt and yes I have good hair. I’m super excited and slightly terrified for this opportunity to share my crazy experiences as an ex nanny, teacher, server, […]

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Austin Moms Blog | 75 Kids Eat Free Restaurants in Austin, Texas

Kids Eat Free in Austin! :: A Complete Guide

Having kids changes everything. We are all living that first hand.  One of those things is something that used to be so simple once upon a time: dining out.  Sometimes you may just need a little break from cooking. Sometimes you are too busy for homemade meals. Sometimes you may just want to get out as a family. One of the great […]

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