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Potty Wars: The Gender-Neutral Bathroom Debate

Man oh man, here we go. This isn’t some fresh off the press debate. I’m sure, just like me, your feed has been inundated with blogs and articles and all kinds of noise surrounding Target and their bathroom policy. Lots of folks have varying opinions surrounding this topic so whether you are for gender-neutral bathrooms, someone using the […]

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Love and Loss on Mother’s Day

Have you ever desired something with such intensity that you felt a constant loss each moment that dream was not realized? For years I wanted to be a mother. These are not feelings I admitted out loud. I was a firm believer in only creating goals I had control over. As I walked into my 31st and […]

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Love is… Love

Whether or not you enjoy or despise Valentine’s Day, I think we can all agree that this overly-commercialized holiday focuses on love. Instead of focusing on the typical flowers, candy, and date nights associated with February 14, I thought it would be fulfilling this year to concentrate on what it’s really about… love. Love is […]

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