Staycation: The Krause’s go to Krause Springs

We have been wanting to get a camper trailer for a very long time, we almost bought one a few years ago but changed our minds at the last minute. Well, now we have one and we are ready to GO! I have been shopping like crazy trying to get all of the stuff to go in it, just when I think I have it all I remember something else. I won’t complain about “having” to shop though…I love shopping {unless it is for groceries}.

We decided to take our first trip this past weekend and appropriately go to Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas. Shockingly with us having the same last name {and pronouncing it the same} we have never been there. We had heard nothing but great things, and we had a blast!

We spent two nights, grilled, watched the kids play non-stop, explored, swam in the springs {brrrrrr}, and had grown up time with friends which included beer and mimosas! Swimming in the springs was definitely the kids favorite part, especially the rope swing which the boys used quite a bit. Porter and I were not huge fans of how cold the water was, but we did adjust after a while ;). There was a spot where people were jumping off a cliff into the water, but we wouldn’t let our boys do it, we figured the rope swing was enough. There was also a spring fed pool and according to Brandon, Kadon, and Garner it was much colder than the actual springs.  Back at the trailer they made friends with a little boy camping right by us and they played many rounds of hide and seek. They wore themselves out!

One of our best friends {who is really more like a brother to us and an uncle to the kids}, “Nuncle Norm” as the boys call him joined us both nights and his girlfriend Rachal {more appropriately “Miss Red” to the kids} joined us on Sunday and spent the night. We stayed up way too  late having fun and chatting it up. We haven’t been able to spend good   quality time with the Hubs BFF like that in a very long time, it was needed and a blast.

Krause Springs is definitely a place that we will be revisiting as a family and the hubby and I have even talked about taking the camper there to spend a weekend alone. It was so pretty and peaceful. If you are looking for a place to spend the day and/or spend a few nights I highly recommend it.

Allison blogged about her staycation at the W not too long ago, what staycations have you taken lately?

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  1. L A Caldwell July 23, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    Wow, this place sounds amazing, Ashlee! I love not-camping but it’s a compromise I’ll make for Dr. T especially since we got our camper van. He’ll be so proud of me for suggesting such a great place once we move to Austin.
    Instead of a stay-cation, we’re concentrating our energies on little day trips here and there before we leave Reno-Tahoe. And we’re packing. So. Much. Packing.

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