Baby books, baby albums, baby calendars, scrapbooks, digital files…what’s a mom to do??!

It has been a month of milestones in the Hunter House.  Hudson has achieved several new things – including peeling an orange and opening a fruit cup (seriously – those are hard for ME to open), and Finn is just growing up way too fast, with many “firsts” occurring during the month of December.  With all of these first, I keep meaning to get the baby book out and fill it out with care, but, to be honest, I don’t love our baby books, so I’m not that inspired.

Which got me to thinking…maybe I need a new approach to recording and documenting our memories.  When Hudson was born, I received a Baby Calendar as well as a Baby Album.  I used both and filled out every detail, however, they had their pros and cons.  The calendar was cool because I could just jot down little things and there were fun stickers to keep track of.  It was the very simplest thing – which was nice.  The baby Album has a lot more space for writing things down, but still not much space for photos.  So, most of my picture (yes, I actually used to PRINT photos), are just in a separate album.  Which, I kind of don’t like.

With Finn, I purchased a very neat book that I LOVE because of the wooden cover, however, it still doesn’t really draw me in, and so I am forcing myself to fill it out.  AND, there is no place for photos.  My fault for buying online without seeing it in person first.  Sigh.

I got to thinking about all of the other options that are available, and there are so many!  From the albums and calendar that I’ve used before, to full out scrap-booking (wow and kudos to all of the momma’s who scrapbook – I don’t have the patience or the funds for that!), to online baby books and “tot-sites”, and creating online baby books that are then printed and bound..there are SO many possibilities!

I have heard great things about, and shutterfly has some nice options – but I’m wondering if any of you have used any of these templates before?  Ideally, I think I want something that has some pre-made templates with forms that prompt me to put in all of the important “firsts”, but I also would like some flexibility in the layout, because I have fairly specific taste.

No, I’m not difficult to please.  Not at all.  😉

How do you capture and record memories and milestones in your kid’s lives?  Do you work it old school and use a baby album or calendar?  Are you a whiz a being crafty and creative and have a totally DIY scrapbook?  Or, are you going the online/digital route?  What are some of your favorite sites and options?

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