The Great Vaccine Debate


Our precious daughter, Drew, turned 2 months old on Saturday. Her well-check is coming up soon. And with that {in theory} should come the first big round of vaccines. To this point, Drew has not had any shots (in the hospital or previous well-checks). This appointment, though, should be a doozy…if we do them. At a wee 2 months old, she could be subjected to SEVEN vaccines (through 2 shots and 1 oral dose). Since 1983, the CDC has increased the number of recommended shots from birth to 6 years – it has gone from 10 shots to 36+.


Ashlee blogged last year about her thoughts on vaccines and the importance of educating yourself as a parent on what your child is subjected to. {It’s an excellent post…go read it!} Now I am not writing this post to just repeat what Ashlee said. My issue is that my husband and I are at odds about exactly what we want to do. Our policy is one of compromise when we disagree – typically that means neither of us get exactly what we want, but we get enough of what we want to be okay.

This is a HUGE decision to make. Unless we decide to give her no shots, we will be subjecting our daughter to numerous questionable ingredients. Do the benefits outweigh the risks? I’m not sure… Now the good news is that Brent and I agree she doesn’t need all the recommended vaccines, but my list is much smaller than Brent’s. I’ve been reading several books and websites on the topic, and it’s all very confusing. There is so much conflicting information out there! Brent and I have had countless discussions, and we’ve gone round and round about our decision. Until we make a decision we can both live with, we’ll do nothing, and the Great Vaccine Debate continues…

What are your thoughts on vaccines? How do you compromise with your spouse on a topic about which you feel very passionate?

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