Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

My girls’ school celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week last week, but it officially starts today.  Usually a room mom heads up different activities/gifts for the teachers ahead of time, but if you find yourself today needing some quick and easy ideas for your child’s teacher, we’re here to help you out!  Teacher Appreciation Week sneaks up on the best of us.

1.  Teachers Favorite: Most teachers provide a “favorites” list at the beginning of the school year…just grab a few of these at H.E.B. and you’re good!

2.  Flowers in a mason jar: We all have an old mason jar lying around, right?  Well, if you don’t they’re pretty easy to get a hold of.  Tulips are lovely this time of year.

3.  Decorate the teachers door with butcher paper, kids’ pictures, notes, etc.: This one would really be for a room mom, so if that’s you and you’re running a little behind, this would be an easy one to do after hours when the teacher has left for the day.

4.  ‘Love Notes’ Binder: During this week, teachers are receiving all sorts of “love notes” from their students…give her something in which to store and organize these keepsakes.  Get a 3-ring binder (either a cute one or decorate one yourself) and fill it with sheet protectors.  Have your child’s be the first “love note”.

5.  Sonic and Starbucks drinks are a “no fail” for teachers…especially when given first thing in the morning!

6.  Bake goodies: Who doesn’t love a yummy treat?  Make it special for your child’s teacher by packaging them up cute with her favorite colors.  No Bake Cookies are my go-to teacher goodies.

7.  Make her dinner: Teachers have busy lives just like us all.  Take a little stress off her (or him) and make dinner one night this week…or order her a pizza.  Just so they don’t have that extra to-do on their list will helps tons!

Teachers are such special people.  They teach our children the life-skill of how to read for goodness sakes!  When I really think about that, I feel as if I could never repay my kids’ teachers for all they do to shape the children they teach.  If you have a school-age (or pre-schooler) child, make sure she knows she’s loved and appreciated this week.

What special TAW things do you do for your kids’ teachers?

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  1. Andie May 6, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    This is great!!! I have several friends who are teachers- and they all agree that gift cards for starbucks, etc. are always greatly appreciated! 🙂

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