Top 5 Places for SWEETS in Austin!

We don’t eat many sweets or dessert items at home, so when we are out and about in Austin, we love to try out new places and find the best sweet treats!

There are so many amazing places to try, it was really hard to narrow it down to just 5 (or 7!).  A few of these places have a personal story for our family, so that just adds to its sweetness.

Top 5 Sweet Treats

Best Ice Cream:  Hands down, Amy’s Ice Cream!  There are other great shops for ice cream in Austin, but Amy’s is my favorite.  We’ve been going there for years – and it’s a pretty standard stop on any given date night.  In addition to good ice cream, they also have really yummy sorbet – which, is vegan, so it’s safe for Hudson!  Check out any of their many locations!

(Honorable Mention:  Best Gelato:  Dolce Vita in Hyde Park.  They have the most amazing gelato and coffee drinks.  This is also the place that I met with our wedding photographer a zillion years ago, and where I viewed all of our wedding proofs (yes, we got married in the stone age, when wedding pics were taken on film instead of digital, gasp!)

Best Donuts:  Gourdoughs.  If you have not gone there yet, do not walk, RUN to South 1st Street, as quickly as you can.  Every single thing on their menu is confusing, amazing, and delicious!  I mean, seriously, a donut with bacon and maple syrup icing?  Yes, please!!!  (It’s called the Flying Pig.  Highly recommend.)

Best Cupcakes:  Polkadots Cupcake Factory on Rio Grande St.  I love this little shop – not only are the cupcakes divine, but the overall feel of the shop just makes me happy.  If I ever was going to have a little bakery (and trust me, my sister and I talk about it at least once a year….even though we don’t bake), it would totally look like this!

(Honorable Mention:  The original Hey, Cupcake! Trailer.  The first cupcakes I had in Austin came from here and they reminded so much of my cupcake favorite in NYC from Magnolia Bakery.  I still stop by the trusty airstream and grab a cupcake anytime I’m near SoCo.)

Best Overall Dessert Menu:  Chez Zee.  Not only does this fab Austin restaurant boast an incredible food and drink menu, this kid-friendly establishment (located on Balcones Dr.)  offers the most amazing dessert menu ever.  I suggest the Crème Brulee French Toast.  (Excuse me while I go drool everywhere.  YUM.)

My favorite Date Night Dessert for Mom & DadEddie V’s.  For the past few years, Jared and I have celebrated our anniversary at Eddie V’s, in large part to the cooked-to-order Blackberry Cobbler.  It.  Is.  Incredible.  Be sure to order when you arrive as they prepare it from scratch after you order.  It’s brought to your table in a sizzling skillet and it’s just heavenly.  I probably wouldn’t take the kiddos, but if you and the honey are looking for a delicious, grown up dessert, I don’t think you’ll regret it!  Eddie V’s has locations downtown and in the Arboretum area.


So, there ya have it!  My top 5 (well, 7) favorite spots for a sweet treat in Austin!  What am I missing?  What are YOUR favorite spots for a sweet treat?



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