It’s almost Grandparent’s Day! How will you celebrate?

Did you know that Grandparent’s Day is THIS Sunday?!!   Jimmy Carter first declared Grandparents Day a national holiday in 1978, and ever since, people have been following his lead to celebrate the impact grandparents have on their own lives.

I have celebrated Grandparent’s Day for a long time – even though a lot of people don’t seem to realize that it’s an actual day!  My own Grandparents played, and continue to play, a huge part in my life – from my childhood, teen and college years, and now as an adult, they are, most definitely, two of the very most important people in my life.

Now, as an adult, watching my kids with their grandparents is one of my greatest joys – and I know that it is their great joy as well.  So, in honor of Grandparent’s Day, I wanted to share a few great ways to celebrate the special people in your life.

Grandparents Day

Start a tradition.

We LOVE traditions in my family, and this past Memorial Day, Hudson was introduced to PaPa Jack’s favorite fly fishing spot – in Roaring River, MO.  He and PaPa Jack had an amazing time bonding while he learned how to fly fish.  There are lots of other things you can do to start a tradition – whether you send your kiddo fishing with their grandparent, plant flowers, have a special date that’s just the two of them (movies & ice cream?), take an annual photo, or, if your kids are old enough, letting them go on a weekend getaway – no matter what your child and their grandparent decide, by making it an annual tradition, it will give them both something to look forward to every year.


Create a Photo Gift.

Grandparents love pictures of the grandkids.  I remember my grandmother carrying around and entire photo album when I was a kid!  Now we have access to iPhones, digital cameras, Shutterfly, PicMonkey and all sort of other user friendly photo editing and printing options.  This year, we are sending Grandpa Jack a photo collage that I created on PicMonkey.  It recaps their fishing adventure – which will hopefully be an annual tradition.


Make art and music.

Have a crafty grandparent?  Grab a canvas, some paint brushes and paints, and let your mini-Picasso get to painting alongside Grams and Pops!  They will enjoy the time together and someone will get an awesome treasure to take home, that will surely become a family heirloom.  Visual art not your thing?  Maybe one of the Grand’s plays an instrument – get your kiddos involved and have Grandma or Grandpa teach or introduce them to their favorite instrument.


Send flowers.

If your grandparents or parents are anything like mine, they love getting a fresh, bright bouquet of flowers!  I’ve sent flowers several times to my grandparents (and my mom) and they always enjoy it.  It’s an easy way to brighten their day – especially if you live far away from your precious grands.  Bonus points if you can time the delivery and be on Skype or FaceTime when it arrives!


Grandparent’s are awesome.  Bottom line.  We are so blessed in our family to have an abundance of incredible grandparents.  My children are so, incredibly lucky to have the. best. grandparents.ever.  And I am super lucky to have had my grandparents.  GrandParents

Even if you aren’t able to get all Pinterest-y and get an incredible craft together, or maybe your schedule is already in overdrive with back-to-school, Grandparent’s Day is just about celebrating and honoring these special folks in our lives.  So give them a call, send a note, schedule an extra FaceTime date on Sunday and let them know how much you love them.

I’m pretty sure most grandparents would be thrilled with just that!

PS  – Happy Grandparent’s Day to MY amazing Grands – the coolest, hippest, most energetic people I know.  Love you!



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