DIY: Halloween Spooky Tree

I love, love Halloween. And I love Halloween decorations! We recently bought a new house (our first!) and have a great space for a cool larger centerpiece. I’ve always coveted those large “scary” trees that you can decorate with candy, creepy toys/ornaments or little ghosts. Instead of shelling out a bunch of money, I thought I could probably DIY this bad boy, and let Hudson help in the process.


Cast of Characters:

1 Tree Branch (Free)

A bunch of small rocks (Free)

A container of some sort, or planter – $1 (I got a cheapy at Dollar General)

Can of black spray paint – $5 (this was free to me since I had some already.)

Whatever you want to use to decorate your tree – $2 (I got a couple of things at Dollar General, then used Kleenex to make ghosts.)

Newspaper or garbage bag (something to spray paint on.)


Step One:

Head outside with your kiddo and go on a little nature walk to collect your tree branch and rocks. Hudson had fun filling up a bucket with rocks, while I scoped the perfect branch to create our tree.

 photo 1

Step Two:

Lay out your newspaper or garbage bag and spread out your container, rocks and branch. Give them a good spray with the spray paint. Let dry. After they are DRY, flip them over and spray the other side. You want them to be completely black.

photo 2

Step Three:

Once it’s all dry, fill the container/planter with several rocks and then set your branch down in the container. Fill up around the sides of the container with more rocks to secure the branch.

 photo 3

Step Four:

Decorate! It looks pretty weak w/o any decor, so I got some spider webs, a few skeletons and then made a Kleenex ghost using 1 wadded up Kleenex for the head, and then wrap a second around it to make the “ghost”.

 photo 5

Voila – a SUPER easy DIY for Halloween décor. One that won’t break the bank, and if you don’t have a lot of storage for holiday decorations, it’s cheap enough that you can just save the rocks and container and paint a new branch next year!

Let me know if you try this – I’d love to see pictures of your DIY Halloween creations! Tweet me at @AustinMomsBlog and I’ll post it!

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