Every Shoe Tells A Story: Fashion Friday

We are off to a new year (2014!!!) and off to a new step! We’re moms, busy, over-worked, and sometimes our fashion might fall short. Today I’m going to show you all the different ways to wear your favorite comfy tennie while still maintaining your fashion sense! And don’t forget, your kids deserve to be fashionable too ­čÖé

Converse tennis shoes have been around, ┬áliterally, ┬ásince 1915 producing shoes actually for tennis. The Converse company started in 1908 by first┬áproducing rubber winterized rubber soled footwear for men, women, and children. It wasn’t until 1917 that the Converse All-Star basketball shoes were first introduced and the history of the famous All-Star was born.


Now, in 2014, Converse come in low top, high top, wedges, slip-on, men and women’s shoes, little boys and girls shoes, and even customized one-of-a-kind shoes!

My kids’ first pair of shoes were Converse. I didn’t mind forcing their little feet into them and the having to double knot them so they couldn’t untie their shoes every five minutes. These were just the cutest shoes for my kids and they went with every outfit they had!









Then when my kids weren’t babies anymore, Converse’s online store allows you to customize your own pair with any design and any text you want. My kids had so much fun doing this with their pair. And Converse is always discounting the customizable shoes because they are more expensive than the regular ones. It takes about 3-4 weeks to get them but they are something you can keep even when they are graduating from high school. You can look back and remember what they liked when they were 10 years old (and probably shed a tear or two).

I have so many different colors of Converse and I can pretty much wear them with anything. My personal preference are the classic low tops but you can create your own style and looks with the hitops and beyond.

From your favorite denim…..



To your favorite sweats, max, and then to the gym all the while looking super duper cute!




My all time favorite┬áConverse is my Tiffany blue pair – not sure what that says about me. ­čśë




What do your shoes say about you?








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