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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to get your Mommy pants back on from the holidays and get to crafting!

Okay okay okay… I’ll admit; I HATE Valentine’s Day. I think it’s cheesy, silly, annoying, and a huge waste of my creative mind, money, and energy. However, I’m determined to have my kids grow up in a home where there’s something to look forward to, get excited about, and then they can make the decision when they’re older about what’s important in life and what’s not. For now, Valentine’s Day is important 🙂

With that said, I’m not about to decorate my home with hearts, flowers, pink, candy, and crystals everywhere. BUT, I do want the neighbors to “think” I’ve got my mommy act together so I will settle on a front door wreath.

This wreath cost me just under $25 and in my humble opinion, isn’t overly cheesy.

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

What You Need:

(All purchased from Michaels)

  • Grapevine Wreath: $9.99 and then I used a 40% off coupon that they always offer on their website. So it was just over $5 when it was all said and done!
  • X & O Cursive White Wood Letters
  • Light Pink Paint
  • Sponge Paint Brush: $.49 and don’t invest in anything more expensive!
  • Felt Squares: Always get more than what you think you will need. They are cheap and it’s better to have leftovers than having to stop in the middle of the project to go back.
  • (Optional) Fabric: You can either make felt flowers, which is the more economical way to do this wreath or you can make fabric flowers.
  • Feathers
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

How to Make the Felt Rosettes:

Here’s my VERY first video tutorial. We plan on doing more of these and I promise we’re going to get better at recording them. Pardon my husband’s finger…it makes an appearance at some point!

  • Use an old CD, bowl or whatever to cut out felt circles. I typically make mine different sizes so I have small, medium, and large rosettes.
  • Start on an outer corner with a craft cutter or a pair of scissors and begin cutting the circle until you make your way to the middle of the circle (keeping the fabric at about 3/4″-1″ thick). You will end up with a long piece of felt that’s spiraled.
  • Start with the inner most piece of fabric (the center of your circle) and begin twisting all the way around until you have your beautiful little rosette.
  • Secure the end of the fabric with a dot of hot glue.

How to Make the Fabric Rosettes:

  • Buy 1-2 yards of fabric (depending on how many rosettes you are looking to make).
  • Cut about 1″ down and 2″ over (you want approximately 2″ strips of fabric)… then rip your fabric all the way  down in order to achieve the frayed look.
  • You can either use the full width of the fabric (typically 45″-55″ or you can cut it in 1/2 depending on the size of the flower you are looking to make).
  • Fold over the corner and hot glue down on the center of a felt square
  • Begin twisting and wrapping and hot gluing about every 1″
  • Continue twisting and wrapping until you glue down the last piece of fabric…make sure to tuck it under a bit when you do the final glue.
  • Cut the felt around the flower.
  • Voila!

Whitewashing the Wreath:

You DO NOT have to whitewash your wreath. This is simply something I wanted to try out and it was super easy, BUT I already had the supplies.

I looked everywhere online for how to do this process and couldn’t find a single website or blog out there that explained how to do this. It’s actually pretty simple, but I’m putting this step on here for all those people (like me!) that don’t know exactly where to start with whitewashing a grapevine wreath.

  • I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and always have some lying around. I used Old White in a small cup and mixed a small portion of paint with a little bit of water. You don’t want the mixture too thick, because the brown of the grapevine wreath won’t show through, but you don’t want it so thin that you have paint spray all over you, your hair, and the floors (can you tell…I made this mistake?).
  • From there I used my Annie Sloan paint brush and rubbed and dabbed all over the wreath.
  • Whitewashing doesn’t have to be perfect. Just rub/dab as much as you can so that the overall feel of the wreath is… white!

Paint Your X & O

Hot Glue Everything in Place

We featured these adorable mason jar gifts for Christmas last month, but they are so versatile and can be used for Valentine’s Day as well!

DIY Hot Chocolate & Bailey'sCocoa & Bailey’s in a Mason Jar:

This is as easy as it sounds. Get pint size Mason Jars {$1.49 at Michael’s…you can probably find even cheaper}, spray can chalk paint {you can use this over and over and over again for multiple projects}, Hot Chocolate Mix, Mini Marshmallows, Bailey’s {I got a larger size 4 pack for just under $12 at Specs, but they also have the mini’s for $2/bottle}. Spray the lids of the mason jars with the chalk paint and let dry. Fill about 1/2 of the mason jar with Hot Chocolate Mix and fill the remainder of the jar with marshmallows. I hot glued my mini Bailey’s to the side of the mason jar and finished with some brown jute. I wrote the directions on how to make hot chocolate on the lid with a chalk pen, but you can write any message you want! Voila.

DIY Body ScrubVanilla Sugar Body Scrub:

This is another super easy one. I use the 4 oz mason jars {under $1 at HEB} for this gift, spray can chalk paint for the lids {AGAIN}, White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Olive Oil, and Vanilla Extract. In a mixing bowl, mix together 2 cups of brown sugar, 1 cup of white sugar, 1 cup of olive oil, and a tablespoon of vanilla extract. Mix it together well {if it seems too dry, you can always add more olive oil…this is really a personal preference}. From there, just pack it into the mason jar, write a cute message on top {Brown Sugar Body Scrub Happy Valentine’s Day!}, and call it a day.

You can also throw some pink and red Valentine’s M&M’s, mints, or whatever in here, which makes a super cute gift as well.


>>>Don’t forget, Allison and Kristen will be on Good Day Austin today sharing the above craft, as well as another little gift to give your Valentine…or teacher, friend, hairstylist, etc.  You can download the gift tags we used HERE.

If you missed the Fox 7 News Good Day Austin segment, here it is for your viewing pleasure!


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