A Guide to Dining out in Austin with Kids

A Guide to Dining Out in Austin with KidsThe weather in Austin is slowly but surely getting warmer and we would like to think that spring is upon us. With nice warm weather, comes the opportunity to grab the kids and head out to one of your favorite family restaurants. Like most people, eating out is a hobby for me, and having children, I tend to frequent “kid-friendly” establishments-ones that offer more than just a kid’s menu.  We are fortunate in Austin to have a variety of restaurants that are appropriate for kids, but also cater to adults (i.e. live music, adult beverages, washers, etc.). So, here is a list or guide of sorts of the top family friendly restaurants in Austin to visit in the Spring:

Central Market (4001 N Lamar Blvd):  Central Market is the whole enchilada when it comes to a family restaurant. They have a very large outside eating area, made up of tables and picnic benches. There are two playscapes, both with slides. One of the playscapes is built for younger children, so this is great if you have a toddler. Often times you will find couples dancing on the patio to live music, and if you need to grab some groceries you can do that as well.

Waterloo Icehouse (6203 N Capital of Texas Hwy):  Waterloo Icehouse is a fantastic place to take your child, especially if they are a toddler. They have a large sand box with plastic toy cars and a decent size playscape with three slides. The outside play area is completely enclosed which offers more peace of mind when my two year old is running around. For the older kids, inside there is two pin ball machines, a racing game, Pac Man, and my all-time favorite, Galaga.

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Phil’s Icehouse (5620 Burnet Rd): The reason I like Phil’s Icehouse so much is because Amy’s Icecream is right next door (Ok, I’m a sucker for icecream), plus they have a large playscape, a couple of blue cow statues that the kids love to climb on, and hopscotch.  The burger choices are fantastic and the beer selection is good too. One thing to keep in mind though is that the play area is not completely enclosed.

Phil's Icehouse, Kid Friendly Restaurants, Austin Moms Blog

Hat Creek Burger: If you are a burger fan like myself, then head to Hat Creek Burgers with the family this spring. The food is great, and the playscape is a hit with the kids. They have covered seating with picnic benches, and also a few spots closer to the playscape.

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Freddie’s Place (1703 S 1st St): Freddie’s Place is a go-to spot with your family, especially if you live down south. The large outdoor eating area, mixed with the playscape, live music, washers, and tasty comfort food, guarantees a great dining experience. Also, Freddie’s is very dog friendly.

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Where do you like to eat with your family in the spring?




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