Baseball & Boys: How Baseball Changed My Son

When I was younger, I knew there were two things I really, really wanted – kids and if one of those kids was a boy, I wanted him to play baseball. How would kids be encouraged to do anything if it didn’t start out as someone’s dream?

At 36, I had a boy and a girl. My son, Parker, tried playing soccer at the age of 5, but all he was really interested in was picking grass and chasing bugs. He never even figured out which team he was on and where to kick the ball… Obviously that was a fail. We tried karate as well and he seemed to really like that, but still, it wasn’t the perfect fit for my son. We knew we needed to find something as Xbox was beginning to take over his life!

Finding Baseball & WINNING!!!

When Parker was 9, I decided to register my son in Lake Travis Youth Association Baseball. He really had never picked up a bat so I didn’t expect him to knock their socks off during the evaluation. Well, he wasn’t the best, but he for sure wasn’t the bottom of the barrel either. A few weeks later we had our team. We were the Rangers! Thanks to an awesome coach and an amazing team, the Rangers went on to win the National Championship!

OneDay, LegacyBuilder, Austin Moms BlogOneDay, LegacyBuilder, Austin Moms Blog

Side note: One of the best things that I’ve used to document the baseball seasons is OneDay, formerly known as LegacyBuilder. I am able to put all of Parker’s baseball videos and pictures in one spot so that they will be preserved forever. Later, we can share these awesome time capsules and milestones with him to remind him of the fun he had during his childhood!

OneDay, LegacyBuilder, Austin Moms Blog

My son’s second baseball season was with the Phillies and they too won the championship and never lost a game! We felt so lucky that we had been on two winning teams. He was so use to winning and had no idea what it felt like to lose. Well, until the Spring of 2014.

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Learning How to Lose Gracefully

This time around my son was placed on the National team, a team made up of more experienced players. He was placed on the Angels and this team, at first, seemed awesome.

I can pretty much cut to the end of the season and just say the Angels never won a single game the entire season. Not one!!

OneDay, LegacyBuilder, Austin Moms BlogAt the tournament, Parker really thought they would still win the whole thing and he’d get a trophy. He wasn’t use to losing. Honestly, he wasn’t too phased by it because he still doesn’t really LOVE LOVE baseball, but he is competitive and likes to win. It was a tough season, but he actually learned a lot of the fundamentals about baseball and played positions he hadn’t played before. He now wants to be a pitcher AND actually become a better ball player!

We have a much different Parker than what we started with… he is now into the team, the sport, and the fun! And is less into the Xbox!

Baseball Teaches Life Lessons

Baseball, for our family, is a social time. We hang out at the ball park and watch our son excel. We have also met people we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise because they go to different schools. And Parker knows the highs and lows of baseball which really applies to anything in life. Best of all, he isn’t on Xbox 24 hours a day! As long as video games are still filling our home, my son will be in knee high socks, cleats, cute little pants, a team jersey and an LTYA baseball hat!!

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Are you a baseball mom? What sport helps your child the most?


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