Ideas for Summer Birthdays

Yesterday we shared our Guide to Birthday Parties in Austin… but what about conquering summer birthdays?

My first-born was born in August and we have had our share of pool parties! It’s hot in August and pool parties always seems like the perfect way to celebrate.  There is nothing wrong with a pool party in the summer, but there are a lot of ways to survive summer birthday parties without a pool.

Here are a few easy ideas for summer parties!



From the neighborhood pool, to the local splash pad, water is a great way to celebrate a summer birthday.  Many places rent their facilities and often have covered tables for inexpensive fees. Splash pads are great for little kids who don’t yet have swimming skills and parents are less anxious {We have a great list HERE}. Another option to consider is renting an inflatable water slide. We rented an inflatable water slide for my son’s 3rd birthday. It was so much fun! The adults enjoyed cooling off as well. Hosting a birthday party at home is comfortable and takes the stress off of having to be somewhere.  Austin also has many lakes that you can consider for hosting a summer birthday.


Enjoy the Air Condition!

Austin is full of great places to have a party indoors. We have done several parties at local bounce houses. One of our favorites is Hoppin’ House.  With indoor summer birthday parties, you can have the party at anytime, don’t have to worry about overheating, sunburns or sweating to death. Other great locations to have an indoor party are Chuck E Cheeses, Main Event, Thinkery, Austin Aquarium, K1 Speed (Indoor Kart Racing), Gatti-Land, Gymboree, local fire departments and so much more! Check your local community for businesses that offer indoor birthday parties. You could also host an indoor party at your home!  I’m looking forward to an indoor crafting party once my daughter is old enough.


Brave the Elements

If your child wants to have an outdoor party, it’s worth braving the elements to give them their wish.  Early morning and late evening times work great in Austin. Since my family and I are early risers, we have thrown an August breakfast at the park birthday. It was cool enough for the children to run around and everyone loves breakfast foods! Another party we have had in August is an overnight backyard camp out. The party started late in the day and the kids cooled off by bobbing for apples and playing in the shade. Once the sun sets, the outdoor temperatures are much more bearable.


Summer birthdays are great! There are lots of options for birthday parties and the kids are out of school. Have your child plan their party with you.  My sons help me plan their party every year.

Do you have a favorite place to host a birthday party? Tell us about it!




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