A Super Hero Party: 4 Year Recap


My oldest turned 4 years old TODAY! I’m half in denial and half… in denial. To me he’s still that wrinkly, pink, fresh little nugget that greeted me at 7:31 am on a beautiful and hot Thursday July 29th morning. Nothing about Lincoln was or has been expected. I’ll spare you all the mushy gushy details, but let’s just say, he has been my most favorite un-expectancy {my made up word} in life and my greatest achievement… he made me a mom.

This year we decided to shake things up and move the party away from our house…my OCD can’t handle the at home parties any more. Lincoln is a little dude these days and wanted all things super-hero.


A Super Hero Themed Birthday Party



Lincoln had a difficult time choosing JUST ONE super hero, but with the help of Laura Morsman Photography, we settled on this adorable invite! She doesn’t do just photography… she’s created my last 2 birthday invites!!


The Venue


As you can see from the invite, we decided on Lakeway Resort & Spa. Living in Lakeway, there really aren’t a ton of party venue locations. Sure we all have or couple of favorites, but I really wanted something different for all of our guests. I heard Lakeway Resort had recently renovated their Kid’s Zone so I called them to see if it was rentable. I was the first inquiry and thus, the first birthday party at their gorgeous facility! They have a ping pong table, miniature golf, 2 bounce houses, basketball, an area for the itty bitty ones, and so much more! It was beyond fun for the kids AND the adults. Every time I went to look for my husband he was at one of the games… I married a gigantic kid.


The Decor


Lookout, y’all, there’s a new party spot in town and I’m obsessed!!! Party Couture at the Hill Country Galleria is chic, locally owned, and beyond amazing! Not only did they have excellent customer service, but I actually felt like a real person shopping. Other party decor spots I go to I’m literally a dime a dozen. And this spot is in my backyard! They were curious about our party, made me feel special, but above all else, they had everything I was looking for to make my super hero’s dreams come true. They are just across from the movie theater, but you can’t miss them… they’re the store with all the balloons outside! Pure awesomeness.


The Cupcakes


The Hill Country Cakery did an unbelievable job on our cupcakes. We definitely weren’t her first super hero rodeo and thanks to the referral, our dessert was utterly complete with these adorable cupcakes. They were delicious, moist, and best of all, HOME DELIVERED!!!! Seriously, the morning of the party was chaotic and then knock, knock… my cupcakes were there! ***Disclaimer: My husband dropped the cupcakes {he’s lucky I didn’t stab him with the pencil I was holding} so if they look slightly disheveled, you can blame the super dad***


The Party Favors


I went back and forth on what to give the kids as a parting gift. I didn’t want to disappoint the parents with more sweets, but didn’t want the kids to feel unloved. Ultimately, the kids won and I went with the Candy Jar located in the Hill Country Galleria. They were fabulous! I gave them my price range per gift, an idea of the theme, and they put EVERYTHING together. I just showed up the next day to pick everything up.

The After Party


After we were all super-hero’d out, we all headed out to a cabana at Lakeway Resort. Equipped with a tv and ceiling fan, the kids had a spot to cool off both IN and OUT of the water. The resort speaks for itself and the day could not have gone better. The staff was amazing, waited on us hand and foot, and everyone had a relaxing time after such a monumental 4th birthday party!

Lincoln took a cat-nap for about 30 minutes in the car and then stayed up until 10:30 pm opening all of his birthday goodies. In fact, we STILL have presents to open!


A Success, right?

What birthday theme are you going with this year?



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2 Responses to A Super Hero Party: 4 Year Recap

  1. Tammy Waxler July 29, 2014 at 3:13 pm #

    It looks like Lincoln had an amazing birthday. Thanks for the ‘shout-out’. We are so happy to have been part of his celebration. I had no idea Lakeway Resort had a Kid-Zone. Score!

  2. Sarah July 15, 2015 at 11:29 am #

    Just going through old blog posts and found this one. I’ve been looking everywhere for a place to have my daughters 2nd birthday this year— we’re tight on money, she’s still so young, her friends and cousins are 0-8 years old, and family will be traveling from hours away. And after reading this post I think I found the perfect venue! Thank you so much for this! I’m so excited and relieved. 🙂

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