My OneDay has arrived: I’m PREGNANT!!!

We have BIG news from our “non-mom” contributor… read below!!

Yes, you read that title right – I am officially pregnant! 12 weeks and 3 days to be exact. This has been the HARDEST and LONGEST secret I have ever had to keep and I am BURSTING at the seams to yell it to the world. (Can you tell by my capitalization and exclamation points??)

Erin is pregnant | Austin Moms Blog

First things first – morning sickness sucks and we have no gender yet. I am hoping this week I can get over this sickness thing. And hopefully in four – eight weeks we can do another sonogram and find out the sex. I keep wanting to buy one of those silly tests from the grocery store but have resisted the urge so far. (Has anyone used them and were they correct??) But, don’t you worry. I will be sharing my pregnancy journey here and on Hi Lovely!. The good, the bad and the ugly. Just you wait.

Second, I created a vault for our sweet baby on OneDay and have already started adding time capsules for me to show Baby Ruoff “one day.” (Pretty catchy business name, huh?) See Chelsea’s post here on how she used time capsules, too.

Now for the fun stuff – I secretly filmed my husband’s, parent’s, and in-law’s reaction to each revelation. They had NO idea! Chris was more shocked, took a few seconds and then got excited… I think. My mom was distracted by our little neighbor friend who decided to join in on the fun and my in-laws were just as excited. Watch below for all the fun.

What I am even more excited about is being able to actually use the OneDay app. MOMMIES – GO DOWNLOAD! It is SO cool. Record your little ones answering questions about family, friends, likes and dislikes and all sorts of fun questions. After you record them it saves them to your account and then “one day” you can share their answers! Kristen did a cute one here. I can only image the funny things my baby will be saying about his (or HER) daddy one day….

OneDay video app on Austin Moms Blog

I am going to change it up a little since Baby Ruoff (Chris has named it ‘Baby Banjo’ – don’t ask – he loves to annoy me…) won’t be talking for a while. I am going to film all my family and friends so that one day Baby Banjo can hear their voices and get to know them a little better. Plus, it will be fun recording all the funny things people say even as adults. Their developers are even working on creating some pregnancy questions. How cool is that?!

Next up from me will be all my rants about the first trimester. Do they have an app for that?! Get excited! 🙂

How long did you wait to announce your pregnancy?

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  1. Ashlee August 18, 2014 at 8:00 pm #

    ERIN!!!!! Congrats sweet lady! I KNOW how pumped you are! I will be saying prayers for a healthy and happy pregnancy for you- you deserve it! Much Mommy Love- Ashlee

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