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My family was lucky enough to represent Austin Moms Blog at the most recent WWE Raw event in Austin a few weeks ago. Surprising my 10, 8, & 5 year old with those tickets was great, and we were very excited as a family. I remember watching WWE when I was young, although I didn’t watch often. Who doesn’t remember Hulk Hogan, right?! Having a house full of boys some things just can’t be avoided, and wrestling is one of them. My boys love watching WWE and the majority of the time I feel like it is family friendly.

After getting a backstage tour and meeting some of the people I met that night, I can tell you that I have a whole new level of respect for the organization, wrestlers, and everyone that helps make that show what it is. The WWE puts on over 300 live shows a year with 65 of them being overseas. It is the 2nd largest traveling show next to Ringling Brothers Circus, there are 16 semis that travel city to city getting them set up. Its amazing!

The amount of charity work that the WWE as an organization does plus what the superstars do is beyond awesome, they are the top donor to Make a Wish Foundation and have granted over 5000 wishes. John Cena has granted over 400 wishes himself, more than any other celebrity {just another reason to like him even more (have you seen how cute he is?!)} WWE also works a lot with Special Olympics with the athletes being coached by WWE superstars. Their mission is to put smiles on faces the world over and it seems to me that they are succeeding at it.

Getting to sit down with Stephanie McMahon {she is the Chief Brand Officer of the WWE and daughter of Vince McMahon, chairman and CEO} and just have “mom talk” with her was awesome. She didn’t seem like a superstar, she sounded just like a normal mom who is consumed with motherhood and all that comes with it, all while working full time, and trying to make the world a better place. What more can you ask for, right?! High five Stephanie! She takes her daughters on the road with her when she can then when its school time she settles her schedule to make things more smooth for them. She has a celebrity type lifestyle, but her motherhood concerns are just like the rest of us. She was very gracious, sweet, and so easy to chat with. Even though her character on WWE is a bad girl, she is amazing and I am a new fan!2014-08-04 18.17.05

Six years ago WWE made a corporate decision to become PG and after learning all I did on that fun night with my family we will most definitely be attending more shows and watching more often on TV. It is so fun getting to share something with my boys that they love and get excited about. As long as they don’t start throwing tables and chairs at each other I think we will be okay 😉

When was the last time you watched WWE and who is your favorite superstar? I think each member of my family has a different favorite!

“The power of a smile cannot be underestimated” – Stephanie McMahon

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