Worth It Wednesday: Chatbooks

So, how many of you are guilty of taking tons of photographs of your children, editing in Instagram, sharing with the world….but never printing of a copy?  I am SO BAD AT THIS!  My poor Finn is the sterotypical second child…I have very few printed images of him!  Ever since my phone became by sole camera, I never upload or print pictures.  I keep telling myself that I need to figure it out, but I never have the time…

Enter Chatbooks.


The other day I was laying in bed catching up on my Insta feed when a friend posted a giveaway from an app called Chatbooks.  I checked it out, followed them on Instagram and thought nothing of it.  A couple of days later, there was an image posted by Chatbooks that made me read the comment…which prompted me to check out the app further.

For $6 and Free Shipping, Chatbooks will print an automatic photo book every time I upload 60 images.  I was intrigued, so I downloaded the free app, selected my entire feed, deleted out the handful of images that I didn’t care to have printed (not kid related), and had a quick preview.  I had enough images to make 15 books!  It took me less than 10 minutes to get all pics, in date order, laid out into little books.  No fancy layouts, no captions (it defaults what you used in Instagram, or you have an option to change or delete), along with the date and location tag.  My 15 books, cost around $85 total with the deal they had running.  I decided that would be a great birthday gift to myself and even if they weren’t that great, it was better than having zero pictures…so I took a gamble.

I’m SO GLAD I DID!  I love my little books!  They are nothing fancy, but the perfect way to consolidate all of the images I take…like a little yearbook of our life.  The other cool thing – you can sign up for Auto Ship, and every time you upload 60 images, they simply charge you $6 and send your next book.  I’m officially on the Chatbooks bandwagon.  And you should be too!

Bottom Line:  WORTH IT!

I just came across the app and wanted to share the love!


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