1 Step to Find Your Next Babysitter: CareBooker

If you’re a mom, you know that finding reliable, affordable, and trustworthy childcare is overwhelming.


Somehow that neighborhood sitter is unavailable, your go-to relative is busy, or you have a last-minute need for childcare, but no prospects to choose from. Or you’re going out of town and there’s nobody to watch the dog. Maybe you’re child is struggling with math and needs a tutor? Or possibly you are looking for extra income!
Well we are so excited about this resource we recently discovered and it will be life-changing! Okay okay maybe not life-changing, but it will certainly ease the difficulty in finding reliable childcare. CareBooker helps you search for child care, pet care, tutoring & lessons all in one place. You can easily find service providers who match your needs and schedule!
Here are a few CareBooker highlights: 
  • FIND service providers you can trust, without paying an expensive monthly membership fee.
  • BOOK interviews and appointments that work around your schedule. No more phone tag.
  • PAY online. You can even add a tip.
  • VIEW comprehensive profiles, background checks, testimonials, and certified reviews.
  • SIMPLIFY manage care for your entire family all in once place.
  • RELAX, CareBooker is here for you 24/7.
With CareBooker, you can review services, prices, and key stats such as # of interviews and appointments completed, response rate, and more. You can also view qualifications, background checks, and certified ratings & reviews.

What makes CareBooker different from other online resources?

  • They don’t require an expensive monthly membership fee to find service providers.
  • They provide free, comprehensive background checks for providers / free for families to view.
  • They make it easy for people to book interviews by phone, skype, or at a location that works for them.
  • They make it simple to book care and pay online (families can even easily add a tip).
  • All of the reviews on the site are “certified” which means that someone had to actually book and pay for services with that provider via — CareBooker in-order to add the review/rate the provider.

CareBooker is also a great resource for moms who are looking to make extra income and create a service provider profile. I know when I was a new mom, I also was a nanny for a family that afforded me the opportunity to bring my then 3 month old with me to work. It’s something to think about!

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