Getting Back to Pre-baby Body: What Not To Do

Pre-baby body. Oh man. Looking back at my last two summers of having a newborn I remember that sometimes just the thought of getting back to my pre-baby body overwhelmed me.

As a mom of two small babies, “me time” is a thing of the past. These days even my showers usually only include the “essentials”. Shaving my legs is for special occasions only. (Which is OK since I can donate leg hair to Locks of Love, right? *WINK*). So if showering seems hard, finding time and energy to get back to a pre-baby body can sometimes feel impossible. After having two babies and losing 30 pounds … TWICE in 15 months, I am here to say, it’s not impossible. It’s not easy, but not impossible.

There are lots of tips to getting back to pre-baby body and most are so helpful and true. But sometimes in the middle of working so hard at a goal we overlook the things that sabotage our efforts.

So here is my quick list of what to avoid when your working toward your goal of a pre-baby body.


Don’t wing it. You will need a plan (what type of work out are are you going to do?) and a schedule (when are you gonna blast away those lbs and make/plan meals?). Sign up for a class, schedule a sitter, ask the hubby to help during scheduled days… For some this will take much more effort than others. It was much harder to create a workout schedule and cook good meals once my second baby came along. I even had to change the types of workouts and meal plans I formerly had. But, it was doable! Whatever you need to do, be INTENTIONAL about your workouts and your meals.

Don’t do it alone. Team up with a buddy, ask friends to hold you accountable, and share your goals. All women know what it’s like to be conscious about their body and can appreciate your goal of getting back to pre-baby body. So find yourself some cheerleaders and allow them to give you a little s*&% when you don’t show up for spin class Monday morning!!

Getting Back To Pre-Baby Body

Me & the girls at Barre3!

Don’t forget to celebrate!! It’s super easy to focus on the less than firm areas that come after baby or the days that go so crazy there truly is no time for a good workout. Try to shift your mind and focus on the positive, celebrating each step toward your goal. Day one: Celebrate that body that allowed you to carry the baby who has changed your life forever. Day 10: Celebrate the lifestyle changes you had made so far. Day 20: Celebrate wearing a non-maternity shirt. You get the idea. Rather then thinking about how far there is to go, remember to celebrate how far you have come! And don’t forget to allow others to cheer you on. When someone gives you a compliment, take it, and be proud of what you’ve done so far. When you reach a goal BRAG about it!

Don’t compare. It is way too easy to compare ourselves to others. Especially when it comes to our looks. Each mom is given a different body and life situation. Just because your sister-in-law brags about being back to pre-baby weight 2.5 weeks postpartum doesn’t mean you will be too. (Ummm please note that right there is an example of an unrealistic expectation.) Giving yourself unrealistic expectations could leave you discouraged and exhausted which isn’t going to give you the long-term results you are looking for. Be TRUE to yourself and your situation.

Don’t cut the calories. Breastfeeding or not, you need the calories to keep up with busy new lifestyle that goes along with mommyhood. Instead of counting calories aim  to stock up on REAL calories – tons of fruits and veggies, lots of lean proteins, even good fats such as avocados and oils. An awesome tip I heard once was to only shop the outside of the grocery. Most foods in the middle aisles are going to stick to your body a fat and make it harder to reach your goals. Now, the wine is sometimes in the middle of the store… That doesn’t count right??? Just kidding because alochol DOES slow down weight loss… but giving up wine may need to be a goal for another day. Baby steps right??

Don’t tempt yourself. Think about your pantry and take note of any items you know don’t add any value to your body. While those cookies and candy bars look good they are actually slowing you down. Look for energy boosting alternatives such as snacks with Chai seeds, acai, nuts or even some pieces of dark chocolate. Do you have some Halloween candy hidden away in that pantry?? Ice cream in the fridge? Get it out and replace with the good stuff!! Now… 🙂 (Setting some expectations here… your body may go through some serious sugar withdrawal making you feel tired and cranky for a week or so. Be aware that it is happening and power through because it’s totally worth it when you feel and look your best!).

Don’t underestimate the power of pushing that fancy new stroller. Getting some good dirt on those tires can help you burn more calories than you think! Walking is also a great way to build back up to some of those more intense pre-baby exercises. It’s also something that almost every mom can do so its a great social opportunity (ahhhhh hum, a little catching up on the neighborhood gossip anyone??)

Boil all of this down to one piece of advice: Don’t let the craziness of mommy life keep you from being intentional, true and positive when it comes to reaching your post-baby body goals. And never forget that any changes your body has gone through is what got you the amazing bundle of joy 🙂


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