Dear Working Mom-To-Be

When I look back on what I thought going back to work after becoming a mom was going to be like compared to what it actually was… Man was I naive {grin}! I think that’s pretty safe to say about all aspects of motherhood – because honestly if we knew what it was like many of us might never try it.  I kid, I kid… sort of! I can vividly remember the night I decided I had to stop denying that Trent would have to go to daycare and began researching options while sobbing in our living room.

So to all you future working mommies, this letter is for you!


Dear working-mom-to-be,

You might be sitting there reading this letter and thinking ‘I got this! Going back to work will be a piece of cake after what I’ve just endured.’ … or you might be scared to death about how that transition is going to go. The first piece of advice I will give is that ALL feelings are completely normal when it comes to going back to work. I remember being sad to leave my little man in the care of others, jealous that my sister got to stay home, relieved that I could go back to doing something that made sense… It’s all okay!

When it comes to going back to work, always give yourself more time to get ready and out the door {and to come back inside for the bottles you almost forgot}. It is impossible to get dressed and off to work in a reasonable amount of time when a baby is crawling around, making messes, and spitting up on you. It was MONTHS before I didn’t wipe something off my shoulder on my way into work.

It will take you multiple trips to get out the door too! I used to take my laptop, my pump, my purse, my lunch, my son {duh}, his bottles/food, extra clothes…ugh, you really basically turn into a pack mule. You will also learn to downsize. About this time is when I switched to carrying a clutch that could fit in my laptop bag and started eating out every day!

Try to hold back the tears at the first daycare drop-off until you get back to the car. I made my husband go with me to take our son, and even though he was happily playing when we left, I walked out the door and pretty much collapsed in my husband’s arms. I did better with our daughter but still shed a few tears in the car.


Selfie with Drew on her first day of ‘school’!

I also remember thinking when I was pregnant that I would just seamlessly transition back into my job. You will be tired, your thoughts will be elsewhere…it will take some time to find your stride. Just be honest with your co-workers – they should understand that you are trying your best!

Be prepared to develop a love/hate relationship with your breast pump! I was so thankful that my body responded well to pumping, but it was still an extra part of the day that I didn’t have time for. With my job, I traveled to clients, so I also spent many a time pumping in bathroom stalls or being walked in on in rooms that didn’t lock or smelling slightly like sour milk. At least it always made for a good story?

You should also learn to embrace ponytails and dry shampoo! These 2 things alone will save you SO much time! I would also suggest you invest in a lot of dresses with whatever that magic material is that doesn’t wrinkle. You will look so put together with your sleek ponytail and your flawless dress – no one needs to know it took you 5 minutes to get ready!

But the main thing I want to share with you, future working mommy, is no matter how hard it is, no matter how many struggles you face, it will make you really appreciate the time you do have with your child. So get ready for a wild ride and remember, there’s always a glass {okay… bottle} of wine and good girlfriends to help you laugh about these crazy adventures as moms!

::What would be your piece of advice to give to working moms-to-be?::


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  1. Toni December 16, 2014 at 9:08 am #

    I think one thing that helped me was to try out daycare BEFORE I went back to work. That way, I could figure out the routine and work out the kinks (and the emotional aspect) prior to me having to actually work. It also helped me become more familiar with the daycare and their processes. So, The week prior, I dropped my son off and did the morning routine, but only left him for a couple of hours. I lengthened the time each day to try to get more used to being away from him. Anyway, it really helped take the stress out of the big day.

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