Up an Inch, Down an Inch: My {Almost Bare} Barre3 Body

Kids change us. From our new bodies and new busy schedules to our new experiences and new-found undeniable love for another being, kids simply change who we are. 

After having my second son, my body bounced back to pre-pregnancy weight pretty quick. Slap me if you want, but that has never really been an issue for me. What has been an issue post-baby is what I like to call “skinny-fat” or “lookin’ good with my clothes on, but feelin’ like a hot squishy mess with my clothes off”. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but MY perception is MY reality. Just like it is with everyone.

In addition to my new “skinny-fat” body, I also gained an entirely different schedule post-baby #2. Seriously, I might as well start using my license plate as my address, because I live out of my car shuffling my 2 boys around town. I got to a place mentally and physically where I wasn’t making time for myself, eating wasn’t a priority, I hadn’t been to a gym in over a year, my stress level was through the roof, and I was honestly feeling overwhelmed to the point where I started considering the need for medication…like I need “happy pills” medication.

Then “Up an Inch, Down an Inch” happened. 

Austin Moms Blog | Up An Inch Down An Inch

90 days ago Barre3 was recommended to me and I was definitely skeptical. I can’t stick with anything that requires physical effort, but alas, I gave it a whirl. After my first class, parts of my body ached that I didn’t know existed. Barre3 is a combination of Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet, but they really really focus on your core and “seat”… aka butt. Hence “up an inch, down an inch”. Just imagine being in a squat position for 5 minutes only moving an inch. It’s the best pain you’ve ever felt.

This is “Up an Inch, Down an Inch”. An embarrassing view, but you get the idea. 

Austin Moms Blog | Up An Inch Down An Inch

The BIGGEST difference I noticed after a week or so of going to Barre3 was that I was mentally more calm and peaceful than I had been in a long time. Not taking time for me, Allison Mack, was truly taking a toll on my body, mind, and spirit. I think that’s one of the main reasons why it’s been so easy to stick with Barre3… plus you’re in class with like-minded people who all have similar goals. Most of us are moms or expecting and it’s adorable to see all of the little pregnant bellies in class!

After about 6 weeks of going to Barre3 I not only had a new-found energy, but I also had a new-found body! I was beginning to see definition in my legs, arms, STOMACH, but most of all, my butt was seriously like an inch higher. My husband has always been a doting man to me, but even he started commenting on my new and improved body. And the best part… I get to do all of this while my kids are cared for by a loving team 15 feet away.

I didn’t want the holidays to deter my progress so I amped up my frequency from 3x per week to 4-5x per week in preparation for being away for Thanksgiving. For Christmas I’ll be in Arkansas and I’ve already stalked the Fayetteville studio’s schedule to go all week while I’m gone. No breaks for this girl!

90 days and 45 classes later, I can’t say enough wonderful things about Barre3, their mission, their instructors, their facilities, but most importantly, I can’t say enough about the changes in me.

Thank you to Laura Morsman Photography for capturing these images during a private Barre3 class in honor of my personal monumental 90th day!

Austin Moms Blog | Up An Inch Down An Inch

Austin Moms Blog | Up An Inch Down An Inch

Is my body perfect? No. Is it exactly the same as it was before kids? No. Do I feel super vulnerable sharing this much of my body on the world-wide web? YES! But you know what? I don’t care! I’m more healthy and fit now than I ever was pre-kids and I have a new energy and pep in my step thanks to Barre3 and of course, my determination to focus on ME, even if only for a few hours a week!

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5 Responses to Up an Inch, Down an Inch: My {Almost Bare} Barre3 Body

  1. Sarah December 18, 2014 at 4:27 pm #

    you look amazing!!! Good for you! B3 is amazing.

  2. Megan Hurley December 18, 2014 at 11:13 pm #

    So looking forward to meeting you in Fayetteville at Christmas!

    • Allison Mack
      Allison Mack December 18, 2014 at 11:16 pm #

      I can’t wait Megan!!! I’m anxious to bring my sister in law and {hopefully} mother in law to the Fayetteville studio so they can fully understand why I’m completely obsessed! See you this weekend 🙂 ~Allison


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