Remembering that Holiday Cheer OneDay

Have you used the OneDay App yet? 

Austin Moms Blog | OneDay is Great for the Holidays

If not, I would recommend that you add it to your smartphone and start filming!  The best part is that it is FREE! This app is great for parents, because it helps you document a little piece of kids’ lives in a very cute way.

The app comes with various topics of interest and allows you to ask kids questions.  You record the answers and the app does the rest. It puts all of the answers together, adds music and ta-dah, you made a movie! I have used it for my husband’s birthday (About Dad) and just for fun (Your Favorite Things and When You Grow Up).  If you can get your kids to sit long enough to answer questions, then this is a great app.  If not, then do what I do, and do a question or two at a time and don’t force it. You don’t want grumpy kids in a movie just because they didn’t want to cooperate when you wanted to film.

This time around we did All I Want for Christmas (Kids). My kids are so excited about the holidays that getting them to answer the questions was so much easier. They really like to talk about what they want! Who would have guessed that? 😉

Austin Moms Blog | OneDay is Great for the Holidays

Here is a little clip of our video!  I hope you like it. Now it’s your turn! Share if you like or save it to show your kids how cute and silly they were in the future. Either way, this is a great tool to keep a little memory of their childhood.  Added bonus: It’s so much easier than scrapbooking.

Malu Talan One Day App Video

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