Baby Registry Must-Haves

Let’s assume you have a crib (or cradle or bassinet or whatever) and a carseat. Because frankly if you don’t have those or at least a plan for those yet, you need to square that away before you think of anything else. This post will still be here; you can come back to it.


Once you have the most basic of basics covered – what else do you need? What else is this new 6-9 pound human you are about to bring into this world really going to need? What are you as their mama really going to need? Burberry onesies? TOMS shoes? 15 different swaddle contraptions?

From a mom who has been there and done that, here’s what you MUST HAVE on your baby registry and ideally, receive before the little one arrives.

  1. Baby Monitor: This was probably on your list already. Make sure to get a monitor that really works with your lifestyle and wants. That might mean video or a large radius if baby’s room is at the far end of your house. For us, we love having a monitor with a vibrate feature so if music, etc is loud, we’re still aware.
  2. Carrier: Whether it is a wrap you can wear 40 ways or an old school front carrier, you want one. Consider who will be using it (only you, both parents, only dad) and what your lifestyle needs are.
  3. Non-contact Forehead Thermometer: Unless of course you really want to stick a thermometer in your baby’s tush. Trust me, this wouldn’t be fun under good circumstances but under sleep deprived parent and sick baby circumstances, it is the pits.
  4. Nosefrida: Yup, that aspirator that is actually parent-powered for snot sucking. It sounds totally gross. It works 50 times better than the bulb kind and I don’t know anyone who has ended up with snot in their mouths. Just happier babies.
  5. Bouncer: The best $30 you can ever spend. Anytime my newborn son was sleeping somewhere other than on me, it was in this. For three months my biggest fear in life was the batteries going dead in this bouncer. If someone gives you one, kiss them.
  6. Car Stroller: When my son was about nine months old, our newly moved-in neighbor said to me as we headed out on a power walk with babies “ugh our good stroller is still in storage; let me get the junky car stroller.” Hold on – you have two strollers? OMIGOD genius. Here I had been folding and unfolding my big-ish, awesome stroller every time I wanted to go to the mall, etc and this genius mom had a cheapy umbrella stroller that lived in her car 100% and then a nice stroller for neighborhood walking. I promptly bought this Jeep umbrella stroller for my car.
  7. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: Forget the 30 different swaddle contractions that claim they will help your baby sleep better. Babies just don’t sleep. You can swaddle your baby like a cute little burrito with a blanket. These muslin blankets are perfect for the warm Texas weather, are a good swaddling size and just feel nice to the touch. It is still what my almost two year old prefers to sleep under at night.
  8. Electric Breast Pump: If you are breast feeding, get a good pump. I foolishly decided I did not want to be hooked up to a pump like a cow. Then my son wouldn’t breastfeed and I was using a hand pump 6-7 times per day. Somewhere in the insomnia blur I wised up and got an electric pump. Total game changer.
  9. Pacifier Clip: Another item I foolishly resisted for too long. I finally caved when Cade dropped the fourth paci on the floor at HEB in one trip and I had a crying kid, but no clean pacifier to provide. Clip purchased; months of insanity avoided.
  10. Portable Changing Station: I LOVE this. First it was super convenient to have diapers and wipes in a nifty folding thing that also doubled as a pad to lay sweet boy on. And then when I actually looked at the changing tables in the stores, restaurants and gas stations <shudder> I was relieved not to have to lay my sweet innocent immune-system-lacking child on one.

And as a bonus round, here are three things you absolutely do NOT need for your newborn. Feel free to give the evil eye to anyone who clutters up your home with these:

  1. Rubber duckies that tell if the water is too hot. Unless it is ice cold, these things always say it is too hot. Your hand is a much better gauge.
  2. Shoes. Socks and booties if you are having a winter baby, sure. But legit shoes with velcro or laces and soles? No way. You’ll just re-gift them (I have two pairs I’ll re-gift to you if you don’t believe me.)
  3. Scented wipes. After spending 40 minutes seeking out the most unscented laundry detergent in Texas, using perfumed wipes on the kiddo’s tush is kinda like having a Diet Coke with your Big Mac.

And if all else fails and you just don’t know what you want or need, utilize the A+ Federal Credit Union, myBaby Registry! It’s a safe and convenient way for friends and family to gift money… and you can include the registry just like any other registry on your baby shower invites!

:: What did you or do you have on your baby registry? ::


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