Welcome Catia Holm to the Team!


Hello ladies!

My name is Catia and I made my way to Austin by way of the Rio Grande Valley.

In 2001 Austin and I became quick friends and we haven’t had a fight since. I attended and graduated from UT’s McCombs Business School, went off to Houston to get a Master’s degree in Hospitality and returned to Austin just as fast as I could.

Upon my return I earned my stripes managing the 5th street Eddie V’s. I was in my early twenties and having an amazing time with downtown Austin as my playground. In my mid-twenties I moved back to the Rio Grande Valley and headed the marketing efforts for my parent’s companies. I sell booze, y’all!

In my late twenties I came running back to Austin and landed a job as General Manager of the bars at ACL-Live. The two years I spent working late nights and witnessing Grammy award winning artists perform in the Live Music Capital of the world was unforgettable! From Jay-Z to Bruce Springsteen to Tim McGraw, they were all incredible!

And somehow in the middle of all that I started writing and haven’t turned back since. What started as a personal blog in 2010 has grown to a Facebook page, a web site and I even have a book in the works!

Have you ever been hiking or biking on a trail and noticed neon colored pin flags? The pin flags were put there by someone who traveled that route before you. The pin flags are there to mark the trail, to make hikers and bikers aware of the twists and turns and even gentle curves of the land ahead. When looked at in the aggregate, the pin flags communicate a suggested route. And even though each hiker and biker is welcome to follow the pin flags, they are also welcome to deviate from the path. The flags are just a proposed path. The flags say, someone has been here before, you are safe, and it is ok.

I’d like for the information in my book to work like pin flags.

In 2012 I identified as a working woman. Now in 2015 I identify as a wife, mother and woman. In those three years, the rhythm of life was steady and strong; changes presented one right after the other. With each change came a possible paradigm shift and with each paradigm shift came the opportunity to acclimate or get steam rolled. My book is an account of this leg of my journey as a woman. The book details milestones that I experienced in my journey from 2012 to 2015, leading up to and into the beginning stages of motherhood.

During the last few years I was able to glean advice and information from all sorts of books and people and yet there was a void. I wanted a blueprint; I wanted to see pin flags. I wanted to know other women had traveled the path I was on. I wanted a woman to teach me just how to go about navigating this new part of life. I wanted a real account of a real woman. I wanted to see myself in her and know that she had traveled this route before me and that I was going to be ok. I wanted this for me and I could never quite find it, so I wrote it. I wrote a book flagging the contours of this life season. I wrote the book in hopes that women will find peace and comfort knowing that they are not alone, knowing that a sisterhood of women have traveled this path, and that not only can they survive this season, but they can thrive.

I am 31 and proudly married to my greatest friend, am mama to our gift of a daughter, Alexandra and our two irreplaceable dogs, Beau Jackson and Mischa. I am passionate about God, the nuances of people, relationships and growth.

And since I’m a true Texan, I am also passionate about sunny days, fajita tacos, and frozen margaritas!


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  1. Christina Lee
    Christina Lee April 15, 2015 at 9:21 am #

    Loved reading your bio!!! I can’t wait to read your post and your book!! Welcome to the team!!

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