Spending More Time Managing Your Lawn Than Enjoying It?

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Picturing your child’s ideal summer probably includes playing in a nice yard with friends. When it comes to maintaining that yard though, the dream can become a nightmare. Whether you’re spending weekend family time sweating in the yard, or dealing with lawn crews that don’t show up and don’t communicate, maintaining your lawn can be a stressful experience. As moms we certainly have more than enough stress in our lives already without adding lawn maintenance to the list. Thankfully, Justin Crandall has a family friendly solution to all our yard work woes. We asked him about his company, Robin, the web-based lawn care service that promises 21st century convenience at an affordable price.

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Tell us about Robin.

Robin is a modern approach to yard care, enabling busy people to put their lawn on autopilot right from their PC or phone. We take the stress and uncertainty out of lawn care so you can enjoy your yard. At the same time, we know most families are on a budget and so we use technology to keep our prices low while still delivering on our 100% Neat Lawn Guarantee.

Why did you start the company?

Austin Moms Blog | Robin Lawn Care

My co-founder Bart Lomont and I are both fathers of young children. Personally, I always enjoyed mowing my own lawn, but with kids I realized—with a gentle nudge from my wife—that I was spending hours every weekend in the yard that I could be spending with our children. When I tried to hire a crew I was shocked at how difficult it was to find a reliable service. It took multiple phone calls just to get a quote, the service was sub-par and I had to remember to leave a check under the doormat. In this era where I can request and pay for car rides, lunches and even cleaning services from apps on my phone, I felt like lawn care was stuck in the last century.

How does the service work?

When you visit www.tryrobin.com we provide you a quote instantly using nothing but your address. You then create an account, choose a service day, and schedule service within two minutes, all without any contracts or commitments. All payment is handled securely using a credit or debit card so you don’t have to be home or leave check/cash under the doormat. Unlike most lawn care companies, when our service is delayed for any reason such as weather we notify you via email. We also have a 100% Neat Lawn Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. In short, we put your lawn on autopilot so you can enjoy your yard effortlessly!

Austin Moms Blog | Robin Lawn Care

You get what you pay for, so is it expensive?

Generally that’s true and a lot of frustration for homeowners is caused by cheap providers that struggle to stay in business. However, we use technology to lower our costs and keep pricing very affordable for families. For example, we optimize our crews’ routes so that they spend less
time driving and more time mowing each day. We also automate payment, which lowers our overhead and lets us keep our prices low. Over time, the more neighbors we sign up the more efficient we become, so we offer an amazing customer referral program that earns you free service for encouraging neighbors to join.

Austin Moms Blog | Robin Lawn Care

Robin is offering one lucky Austin Moms Blog reader $150 in free mowing/edging services. Additionally, the first 100 Austin Mom’s Blog readers to use the code “AUSMOM” at www.tryrobin.com will receive a FREE mowing/edging service.

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