8 Misconceptions of the Working Mom


Being a mom is tough work. It’s also incredibly rewarding and can be so much fun. There are so many different types of moms out there. I am working mom. Being a working mom has its drawbacks and benefits. For me, being a working mom isn’t really a choice. My husband and I both work to support our family. That’s the way it goes for the unforeseeable future. It’s something, that on occasion, I wish were different, but there are also days I am so thankful for my job. How you choose to raise your children is such a hot topic. Everyone has an opinion or a stereotype. I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to this. I try not to assume things about others, but it’s human nature. There are a few things people have assumed about me. I just laugh it off most of the time, but every once in while it gets to me. Here are some of the “interesting” misconceptions I have taken note of in the past and my 8 misconceptions of the working mom.

  • I love my career more than my family. I love my career. I love learning and staying relevant in the path I chose to pursue, career-wise. With that said my family and my son are my world. I would drop anything in a second if they needed me. In fact, I have just walked away from things when I needed to. My career is important to me, but my kiddo is always my number one.
  • My house is probably filthy, because I am never there to clean it. Okay so I wouldn’t go filthy. Is my house spotless? NO. I have a three-year-old and a dog. My house will NEVER be spotless. But it is clean. In fact it is the perfect amount of clean for our family. I clean it. Maybe one day I will let go of things getting done “my way” and pay some one to help me do it. But for now “my way” stays, and works well.
  • I must sit and think about, and miss my son all day long. There are days when I do. There are days I am at work and think, “Wow Katie, you are giving up moments with your kiddo to do this! Are you kidding me?” Then we have the mornings, or the Mondays after some seriously trying weekends, and I am running out the daycare door, breathing a sigh of relief excited for what my workday will bring. My son is always in my thoughts, and on occasion I miss him, but I feel very comfortable with where he is during the day, and know I will see him when I get home.
  • We must eat out a lot. Well, yeah, we probably do eat out more than we should, but it has nothing to do the fact that we are a working household, and it’s not all the time. It’s actually more because we are kind of lazy in the kitchen. I can cook, so can my husband. We both usually cook {heat something up, on occasion, okay most of the time} during the week. However, this would stay the same if I were a stay-at-home mom.
  • Being a working mom is easier, because there is less child raising to do. I deal with the same struggles as every other momma out there. Teething sucked. Potty training was THE WORST. I have a spot for time-out, and have used it many times. I’ve witnessed countless injuries, and dealt with them accordingly. I have also had some seriously awesome times with my little dude. I have to give credit to my mother-in-law, because she is who keeps my son while I work. She has helped in raising him, but so has the rest of my village and ME. My son is a product of how my husband and I have raised him. He’s no angel, but he is so funny and smart and great. Being a working mom has not made motherhood any easier for me.
  • I probably missed all of his milestone-first moments. I missed some of his firsts, but he still experienced the same thing again with me a little later. In the end that’s all that mattered to me. I got to experience all of those moments for a “first” time too. And they are just as special.
  • My child thinks or will think I love him less. So, I know for a fact, that my son knows I love him more than anything on the planet. And there are days he is itching to get to daycare, and away from me. He gets sick of “all mommy, all the time.” I don’t blame him. I get it. I hover and I say, “no way, dude” a lot. I’d like to think that in the future my son will still know how much I love and treasure him, and I am pretty sure he will.
  • I am lucky to get a break from motherhood every week. Yikes. I wouldn’t call it a break from motherhood. And it definitely isn’t always rainbows and sunshine at work. There are good days and bad. Having a lunch break is really nice. I can get more errands taken care of in that hour that on a full weekend day. So that is a nice “break” I guess, but when you are a mom, you don’t ever really get a break from motherhood.

At the end of the day, moms are moms whether they stay at home or work. They all love their babies more than they can comprehend, and would do anything for them {within reason}. We do the things we do to stay sane, and provide for our amazing little families. Different things work for different families, and so we should try to respect the decisions they make, even if they are the complete opposite of what we would do. Hope this either helped explain things for you, or made you feel like you aren’t the only one who experiences these types of misconceptions.


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