50 Places to Host Your Child’s Next Birthday Bash in Austin

50+ Places to Host Your Child’s Next Birthday Bash in Austin

Birthdays are a true occasion to celebrate the little ones in our lives, but can we be honest for a moment? Planning a child’s birthday party can be overwhelming and sometimes, before you know it, the little party you’ve organized has quickly ballooned into an all out extravaganza of epic proportions. That’s not just me….right?? In an attempt to ease some of the stress of putting a party together and to prevent you from feeling like a used up pinata, here are over 50 ideas for where to celebrate your child’s next birthday.


Whether you have a big corporate event coming up or a birthday party for your child, our parties always deliver excitement for even the most hard-to-please audience. We proudly serve our customers both at our private arcade and events facility in Austin, in addition to bringing all of our great games straight to their party throughout Texas. No matter what type of audience comes to your special event, they’re sure to have a great time with fun and games for all!

If you want to party like an animal (or an amphibian):

These places will get your party guests moving:

Keep cool with these indoor locations:

And finally, some other creative, LOCAL, homemade and/or extra party options:


  1. Backyard Camping Party – If you’re brave enough to have a slumber party, a camping themed party complete with a tent in the backyard would make for a great party.
  2. Half-Birthday Party – If you have a December baby, there’s always the ‘half birthday’ celebration that can be had to avoid the intermingling with the holidays. 
  3. Rise and Shine Birthday Breakfast – Get the party started early and have guests come in their pajamas to enjoy some breakfast and cake.
  4. Cardboard Box Party – Sounds glamorous, right? Gather as many cardboard boxes as you can find and have a building party!
  5. Pay it Forward Party – Be rebellious and break the typical birthday plan. Find an organization that can allow a group of children to help out in some way and have a party where kids can be helpful and further their social conscience. Volunteer Match is a great site to start figuring out where help is needed.
  6. Veterans Memorial Pool – The pool located in Cedar Park has various sized shade covers available to rent for your party space.

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