DIY Halloween Costumes


Halloween can be stressful. You want the best decorations for your house, candy for your trick-or-treaters, and costume for your kid. Well you don’t have to break the bank for the last one. There are so many things just lying around your house that you could use to dress them up. Or if anything, you can stop by Party City, the Dollar Store, or favorite craft store and pick up a couple of items to complete the outfits. Whatever you’re aiming to dress your little one as, you can find inspiration using easy materials.

Here are some ideas on how to DIY your own Halloween costume for your cutie.

1. Hula Girl


You can put your little one in their summer swimsuit, and add a $1 lei and $2 Hula skirt (Party City).

2. Army Guy/Girl


If they have cargo shorts and a t-shirt, they can totally be in the army. Add a dogtag from around the house and an Army hat for $2 (Party City).

3. Swan/Duck


Dress them in all white and add a $1 boa (Dollar Store).

4. Hippie


If you want to tackle a project, you can get a white dress or shirt (from a craft store) and tie-dye it (here is how). Add some flowers to hold or wear on their head, and you’re golden.

5. Ninja


Dress them in all black. Get some fabric and cut a hole and attach a piece of red fabric with a safety pin.

6. Crayon


Dress them in their favorite color head to toe. Then print off a “Crayon” sign from online.

7. Golf Guy/ Girl


Dress them in cargo shorts, a shirt, and vest (your Sunday best!), throw on a hat and carry their favorite club and voila you’ve got a golfer.


Feel free to use one of these ideas OR maybe they inspired you to create your own adorable masterpiece. What are you dressing your little one up as for Halloween? I hope it’s spook-tacular!

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  1. Austin Bounce House Rentals October 3, 2015 at 5:03 pm #

    Fantastic costume ideas! Check out this awesome Minecraft Creeper costume. I made one for my son and it was the HIT of every street we were on!

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