15 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Easier


Every year Thanksgiving rolls around and instead of being super excited about some nice family time, a lot of us are preoccupied with the massive amount of travel, cooking and clean up. This year let’s try to make it easier mamas.

Here are 15 ways to make Thanksgiving easier this year!

  1. Go out to eat. There are some great restaurants open on Thanksgiving, and let’s face it folks, they specialize in feeding people. Let them handle the cooking and cleaning while you spend some time stuffing your face and laughing with your family.
  2. Don’t travel!! Stay home! If Aunt Edna really wants to see your face this year suggest she come to you. Travel during the Thanksgiving holiday is a NIGHTMARE. Skip it.
  3. OR do travel. Go somewhere far away. Like a weekend in Mexico. Somewhere random where no one goes on Thanksgiving. Get away from your family, eat at the resort and enjoy a little vacay.IMG_2638
  4. Order in. If going out to eat isn’t your style then order that bird, or ham, or tofurkey and some sides. Let someone else do the cooking while you sit around in your stretchy pants.
  5. Use paper plates and nice recyclable utensils. If you must cook then at least clean up will be a little easier.
  6. Host a potluck. Maybe you provide the main dish and some drinks, and then have family and/or friends bring the side dishes. That way you worry about a lot less. {P.S. You can just buy the bird and then let your guest deal with the cooking. Even better, am I right?}
  7. Go to a potluck. You only have to make {or purchase} ONE thing. Enough said.
  8. Go to someone else’s house. Suzy home maker down the street invites you guys over every year, but you always say “oh no thank you!” Well this year GO! Let her do the cooking and cleaning, just make sure that when it’s your turn to give your “thankful” spiel you thank Suzy for her amazing hosting and cooking skills, and don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine.
  9. Let people help you. Little dude is old enough to help stir the gravy or mash the potatoes, so let him. Don’t let Uncle Bob get away with drinking beer in the living room all day. Get him in the kitchen to help at least clean the dishes.IMG_4386
  10. Do some early prepping. Don’t save all your cooking for Thanksgiving day. You can prep those casseroles the day before, so all you have to do is pop them in the oven. It makes Thanksgiving day a little easier, and gives you some moments of peace to put your feet up and sip a glass of your favorite poison. Mine is prosecco.
  11. Spend your day volunteering {here’s a handy list of places} at a shelter feeding the less fortunate, and then on your way home grab some delicious Whataburger. They are open on Thanksgiving, and helping out the less fortunate is an awesome way to give thanks and give back to your community.
  12. Alcohol. So this point can go either way, sometimes it helps and sometimes it hurts. If you have a family that goes ape crazy hateful the second that first sip hits, maybe skip out on the wine/beer/vodka/fireball. Thankfully my family is the opposite. It takes the edge off the stress and makes us giggle a little more than usual. So popping that bottle of bubbly and offering up a mimosa in exchange for some potato peeling is definitely an option in my house.Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 4.30.31 PM
  13. Pick your helpers wisely. Do you loathe conversations about cousin Greg’s latest foot fungus, but love laughing at Aunt Wilma’s stories? Ask Aunt Wilma for help. Let Greg indulge someone else in another room.
  14. Arrange for childcare. Maybe you can offer that sweet 17 year old niece of yours some $$ to keep the kids alive and out of the kitchen all day. It will be worth every penny.
  15. Grocery shopping. Don’t wait until the day before Thanksgiving, unless you enjoy driving yourself insane. Go the weekend before, or if you can swing it the Monday or Tuesday before. {Weekdays > Weekends for grocery shopping}

Good luck Mamas, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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