29 Ways to Cope with Post-Holiday Blues


Christmas is over. It really is. You need to go take your decorations down, if you haven’t already. I know it’s hard to say goodbye, but you just have to let it go. As cozy and cheery as a decorated mantle looked in the weeks leading up to Christmas, AFTER Christmas, it just looks kind of…..sad.  Similar to a middle-aged man still living in his high school football glory days…the ship has sailed.  Time to move on.

It’s hard, though!! There is so MUCH anticipation leading up to Christmas. Anticipation. Preparation. Excitement. Cheer. It builds and builds and builds and then….it’s over.

How do you go on? CAN you even go on? What do the other 11 months of the year have to offer that could possibly even come close to all that December offers you? Look, I will agree with you. January is somewhat of a downer month, in my opinion.  It’s cold (kind of).  It’s dreary (some of the time).  The only good holiday of the month is over after the first day. Then comes February. Blah. Valentines Day. And March. Oh, don’t even get me started on March. I HATE March. Weird, unpredictable weather. Wind, which is the bane of my existence.  30 degrees one day, 80 the next. I’m feeling blue just thinking about it. But…we have to press on. The holidays will eventually be upon us again, but until then, here are some ways that you can Cope with the Post-Holiday Blues:

Get Cozy…Christmas may be over, but winter isn’t. It’s going to be cold for a while…or as cold as Austin gets…so make the most of it

  • buy yourself some fun and comfy new PJ’s (here’s a fun suggestion)
  • buy a cozy new blanket
  • light a new candle
  • immerse yourself in an impossible-to-put-down book
  • Indulge in some new bubble bath, and pamper yourself in the evening
  • Find a new Netflix show you can binge-watch, while curling up by a fire (anyone ever heard of some show called “Making of a Murderer”? Probably not.  I’m sure you haven’t.)

Make a Fresh Start

  • set some goals
  • decide on a “word of the year” (this is kind of cool)
  • give up a bad habit
  • remove toxic people or situations from your life
  • identify ONE simple thing you could start doing, that would make your life better/easier
  • read a book, aimed at helping you to better yourself in some way
  • Get organized (your house, your purse, your car, your schedule)

Begin Preparations for Next Christmas

  • buy christmas decorations NOW for next year,  while they are on sale
  • start a Christmas count-down on your calendar
  • plan a trip for next christmas
  • go ahead and start a list for each person whom you typically buy for at Christmas. Throughout the year, as they mention things they like/want/need, or as you see or hear about things that would be the perfect gift for them, jot it down on the list. By the time December rolls around (or whenever you start your Christmas shopping), you will already know exactly what you are getting for everyone
  • Start a “Christmas fund”.  If the holidays tend to stress you out financially, go ahead NOW and start putting a little bit aside each month.  It will be much more fun to buy for the people you love, if you aren’t having to worry about money

Get in a Healthy Frame of Mind

  • essential oils
  • try out turmeric (just read this article today, and was fascinated by all of the health benefits of turmeric , include fighting depression)
  • begin an exercise regimen
  • journal
  • start reading the bible (you can subscribe to this, for a cool way to start your mornings)
  • listen to a great sermon online

Quit Wallowing, and Do Something for Someone Else

  • Volunteer with SafePlace or Austin Children’s Shelter
  • Become a CASA Volunteer
  • Get involved with Habitat for Humanity
  • Donate money or time to a local non-profit (here is a shameless plug for an awesome one, founded by one of my friends 🙂 )
  • Become a Big Brother or Big Sister with BBBS of Central Texas.  Learn more here

Enjoy your year, mamas!  Make it a good one!

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