Do You Have A Baby Shower for Baby #2, #3, #4, etc?


“I don’t do gifts for Baby #2,” says the baby Grinch. Just kidding (sorta.)

Many people have many feelings about baby showers past their first baby. My take is…Welcome to 2016, and whatever you feel is appropriate to celebrate you welcoming a new child to the world is up to you.

While the past etiquette may be that showers are meant to establish a new baby — a welcome to motherhood of sorts, and that you already have the essentials. While that may be true in some ways, I feel like every baby deserves to be celebrated despite their birth order.

If you are feeling overwhelmed that you might be tacky having one, here are some ways to make you feel better about it:

  • Have a Sprinkle — This is what many people call “showers” for baby #2, #3, or #4! They are very low-key and are just meant to give the mom some necessities — perhaps another gender baby clothes, or monogrammed items with the new baby’s name.
  • Have a Diaper Shower — these are certainly something you couldn’t re-use from baby #1.
  • Have a Sip and See — A longtime Southern tradition. This is again low-key and gives your friends and family a chance to see the baby after he or she is born.
  • Have a Pack Your Freezer Party — Similar to a sip and see, where people stop by and say hi after the baby is born but instead of gifts they bring a freezable meal for you to enjoy in the weeks and months.

My take is, if your guests feel directed to spend to money on gifts for you (yet again) and feel resentful, then bah humbug. They don’t have to come and rejoice in the all wonderfulness of your new baby you are bringing in to this world.

However you want to do it — baby showers are meant to be about love, not hate, so spread the JOY mamas!

photo by Day 7 Photography

photo by Day 7 Photography

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