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Life doesn’t get much sweeter than a good pair of shoes that are comfy AND cute! Today is all about MOX shoes and why I’m obsessed with these beauties!

As mamas, we need comfort and convenience in our lives. I hate to admit it but I’ve chosen so many things recently that I wouldn’t have done prior to having children, because I didn’t care about the convenience factor back then. Now, do I purchase precut vegetables and fruits sometimes to make life easier? Hell yes. Do I drive a good ol’ soccer mom van so that I don’t break my back every time I put the kids into their carseats? OHHH YEA. And proud baby!! Can anyone even argue that vans aren’t comfortable or convenient? Don’t you dare…My Toyota Sienna rocks my mama world. #swaggerwagon

Nonetheless, shoes also fall into this category. I need to be able to throw on a pair of shoes that are cute, comfortable, and go with the everyday-ness of momlife. I LOVE flats, and therefore wanted something that would match a lot of pieces in my closet.

Enter MOX shoes. I was sent a pair to try and I’m in L O V E. These are fashionable, affordable, and durable! Go from the pool, to running errands, to a hip restaurant! You will rock these wherever you are! I haven’t used them for travel, but can tell that they would be perfect because of the level of comfort. I know whatever vacation I have coming up, these are definitely getting packed.

They were found in the land of the kangaroos in 2011 by a fellow stay at home mom, but since have made their way into US. They are produced from 100% man made rubber and their packaging is environmentally friendly! And best of all? Shipping is free on US orders!!! Can I get a woohoo?


They have European sizing so you can use this handy little chart to figure out your equivalent sizing! I’m a 6.5, which translated to a 37. I will say that it was a bit snug when I first put them on, but that’s mainly because it’s made of rubber. Took about three times of wearing them to completely mold to my feet, and now I see myself reaching for them every time I want to leave the house!


They come in a variety of colors, which are all great for any outfit!! I ordered the grey because I knew that would match my clothes the most. But I see myself eyeing the Latte Pink because those are absolutely beautiful, and I’m loving the feminine feel of them.


I’ve paired them with skirts, dresses, jeans, and shorts! I swear they go with everything! I also know that because summer is right around the corner, these will definitely be a go to. I can go from running errands at the grocery store straight to the splash pad with my kiddos and not worry about having to change my shoes! They can get wet and not be an issue. Yes, yes, and more yes.


They currently don’t have any toddler sizing but they do start at youth 2.5 so I’m sure a little bit of an older girl would be able to wear them! And I’m almost positive that they would love them because they almost remind me of all the jelly sandals, but more comfortable!


So whatcha waiting for ladies? Order yourself a pair AND save yourself 10% with the code “AUSTIN10”! Find out how amazing these are and I promise you will just fall in love with your first pair of MOX!

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