10 Reasons You Need Your Mother After Your Twenties

austin-moms-blog-needing-momI’m in my 30s and there is no denying it, I am an adult. I shouldn’t need mothering, I am a very independent woman after all, but I still do. I felt like I was supposed to not by this point, but truth is I need my mother every single day of my life.  As women our mothers are such an integral part of who we are and that doesn’t just stop when we become adults or mothers ourselves. Here are ten reasons we still need our mothers even after our twenties are done.


1. She can answer any question. I don’t know how moms do this (am I supposed to do this too one day?) but no matter the questions about stains, food, or life she has an answer. It is also always a logical and wise answer and I’m left thinking how does she know so much about so much?!?

2. She is your biggest cheerleader! No matter the level of news from pregnancy to just a free coffee she gets excited, and it’s genuine. This is because seeing you happy for any reason makes her happy.

3. She listens without judgement. No matter what issue you are having or how much it was your fault she will listen. On those days that you just need someone to vent to or talk about what has happened in your life she’s your first call. She also gives the best advice that you’ll ever get!

4. There is nothing like her cooking. I love to bake and cook. I worked in restaurants all through college and being in my kitchen is my happy place but I still can’t make chicken n’ dumplings or coconut cream pie like my momma! We all have that dish or dishes that just are home and come from our mother. When we’re sick even her soup tastes better!

5. She is honest. I won’t lie this one wasn’t always true, especially when I look back on some of my fashion choices from adolescence but on the big stuff. Mom is the one that will tell you how it is because you and she both know she still loves you.

6. She still puts you first and puts up with you. She lets you pick the movie or the restaurant and never complains. If you need her, she’ll still drop everything to be there. She put up with your tantrums at two and twenty and still loves you so even on your worst day she’s there. She gave up probably more than you’ll ever know for you and that didn’t stop when you moved out.

7. Her hugs and her smell. Maybe this one is just me but there is nothing quite like my momma’s smell. A hug from her and a big inhale always makes everything better.

8. She shares your heartbreak and sadness. Mothers hurt when their children hurt. Whether it is over a man, a miscarriage, or lost friend, your mother will always empathize. Just like the good news she’s also the first one you call with bad news as well.

9. She is your first and best example as a mother and as a woman. Whether you are a mother or not so much of what we learn to be as a woman comes from our mothers. My mother is put together, has a clean house, and always put her children first (a much taller order than I ever realized as a child).

10. She knows you better than anyone else ever will. This is just a basic reality. No one else was your first protector, first best friend, first chef, first nurse, even first enemy. No one else felt you leave their body, cared for you as a baby, and loves you just as much or more today.

My biggest fear for about as long as I can remember has been losing my mother and as we age it becomes a possibility and even an inevitability. The reality is no matter how old you are or whether your mother is here on earth or not you will always need your mother. If I could go back in time and tell my teenage or early twenty self to cherish every moment with her I would. They hold the first piece of our hearts. It is a place that can never be filled by anyone else because after all it is in her heart that we all started. It is as though you each have a piece of each other’s hearts in your own, because no matter what our mothers never really leave us.


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